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#Myth-Weavers: The (un)official IRC channel

#Myth-Weavers: The (un)official IRC channel

Server: irc.otherworlders.org
Channel: #Myth-Weavers

There have been a couple of attempts to get an official Myth-Weavers real time text based chat running. I think the most recent was in 2009, when #Myth-Weavers was apparently (according to old threads I've discovered) founded, and lasted more than a year. When I checked into it, #Myth-Weavers was no longer registered, indicating that no one had been maintaining it for some time. I don't know if another attempt to get it going will stall or not, but I feel like there is a place for IRC in the M-W community, and having a presence there could be beneficial for expanding the community, facilitating games, bringing forum members closer together (oh god) and a number of other things that I can't think of right now.

I have some free time now that the elections are over, and I'd love to get #myth-weavers going as a community resource. I re-registered the channel, set up some basic things there, and I've been lurking for a couple weeks while waiting for my life to settle down. Surprisingly, a few people have poked their heads in, and one or two are semi-permanent lurkers already. That seems like a good sign.

If you aren't familiar with IRC, I have expanded our wiki entry on it. Here are some of the basic IRC commands.

I'm only available weekdays during the business day. I need other community members who are extremely familiar with the forum rules as well as using IRC, able to pay attention to the channel all day every day to help newbies/keep things clean/promote conversations, and are stable enough to not abuse op/hop powers. Also you need to work for free. Please PM me your credentials if you're interested in abuse the position.

If you want to take a look at the IRC wiki entry, and add things like mibbit, or a better set of directions for the clients, or just make it less ugly, please do!

As of right now, we have a tentative green-light on this from the Mods, but they can revoke permission at any time. Please be careful and respectful.

If you're curious or want to help, please join me in #myth-weavers!

I don't exactly use IRC myself, but I like this initiative and it might make me pick up on using it.

Originally Posted by attikol View Post
Im having trouble finding the server
More information would help. What error are you getting, what IRC client are you using, etc.

I myself am connected to the room right now. Pretty empty.

I've added specific instructions on how to connect to the channel on the Wiki Page using mIRC.

I'm hanging out with Shamedshadow, and Whisper poked his head in then escaped before anyone could say hello. Come join us!

So far we've got a grand total of 5 people online - a new record!


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