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What's Your Playstyle Preference - 1st or 3rd Person?

Originally Posted by Tyoka View Post
I like to collect the in game posts after it's done and format it in Word to make a story.
How well does that work out?

yeah, Tyoka, do you have any to share?

I prefer first person, makes it easier for me to immerse myself into the character, I have a tendency to try and really live myself into the character and try to act like it, think like it, so yeah first person makes it easier.
But I use third person on here cause that is what most do, so it's my way of adapting to what most prefer on here, still having troubles getting used to it.

I use third-person when describing my character's actions. In live sessions, I have a lot of fun playing the game in first-person. Why? Because it's a blast, and live session is a better platform than pbp for first-person playing, generally.

Personally, I prefer third-person for PBP games. Why, you ask? I view PBP games as a form of collective storytelling, and in most literary formats, I find that third person flows the smoothest.

The horror story with a single protagonist stands out as one case where a first-person narrative works well, in my opinion, but the majority of games don't fall into that category.

Third person, mostly because I perceive the game FROM a third person perspective. In my mind's eye, I see my character externally and all the other characters, like a movie. I don't perceive the game in my mind physically looking through my character's eyes, so it would feel strange to write in 1st person for PBP.

I use third person for the most part, although when I am typing out what my characters say the characters often speak in first person. This is for similar reasons as many of the above posters, namely that I am not writing about myself and that third person seems appropriate for the story format.

I write about my characters in the third person, mostly for reasons that have already been mentioned-- I'm playing a character, not talking about myself. I do tend to write in a style and voice indicative of the character's thoughts and attitude, though.

Aside from that psychic barrier, though, I find that reading post after post is much smoother in third person, because the perspective shifts from character to character more subtly. I never have to look over at the poster, and remember which character they're playing, periodically during play... instead, the character's name is usually mentioned at least once.

It's also easier to paint a picture for the other players of what's going on in the third person. For example, my characters usually have "tells" when they're lying or avoiding a topic or uncomfortable, things that they do unconsciously and wouldn't notice or mention if they were narrating. The character doesn't have the same perspective on herself as I do, and so she couldn't possibly describe herself as well as I will.

Thanks for everyone's feedback! I'm surprised at the overwhelming amount of third person play, but I dig the reasons for making the choice.

What about internal thoughts? Do you like to have your characters think out loud in the text?

I use 2nd person while DMing, 3rd while doing pbp and a mix of 1st and 3rd when at an IRL table or via Skype. I've found DMing in 2nd person tends to make things more immediate for the players and the response is better. Using 3rd person while doing pbp stems mostly from being a writer by hobby for most of my life. 3rd person omniscient is my default writing style. At the table, I waffle back and forth depending on what my character is doing, e.g. a particularly evil or assholish thing tends to be relayed in 3rd person while I tend to go into 1st person when talking about what I'm doing in combat.

As to internal thoughts, I tend to prefer to imply them in the text, but not actually explicitly write them out. It's more fun if the other characters can't be inside your character's head all the time and it allows you to sneak things by them at times.


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