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Psychic Warrior/Monk/Haztaratain Gestalt Build PEACH/help

Psychic Warrior/Monk/Haztaratain Gestalt Build PEACH/help

Sheet is at the following:

The thing is that though the campaign is in the FR setting, the DM is allowing Eberron source books as long as they're not Eberron specific (so nothing to do with Dragonmarks for example). Also as the party will meet her as a prisoner of the Drow (won't bore you with backstory) she has no items equipped but the items listed are what she would have had at the time of capture and I'm guessing the Drow would love to be able to study them or keep them either as trophies of their capture or for their own use.

What I'm stuck on is the following:
Some feats. Got all the ones that attracted my attention and/or met the prerequisites but I have 3 feat slots looking empty.
Due to Practised Manifester I think I get extra powers on top of the extra power points. Is that true? If so a little help in that department (not overly familiar with Psions but I get the basics of manifesting and power points) is never amiss.

Any other suggestions are always welcome.

What is not allowed:
  • Interwebs stuff due to DM not being able to verify.
  • Dragon/Dungeon Magazine stuff for the same reason.
  • Magic of Incanum.
  • Combat Manoeuvres from Tome of Battle. Other stuff allowed on a case by case basis.
  • Unearthed Arcana is allowed on a case by case basis.
  • Necklace of Natural Attacks due to Unarmed Attacks being ruled as different from Natural Attacks, this will NOT work and I have a feeling someone will suggest it.

Thanks for your time and help

Got some bad news for you. Practiced Manifester doesn't give you any power points or new powers. "This feat does not affect your powers per day or powers known. It only increases your manifester level which helps you overcome powers resistance and increases the duration and other effects of your powers." And since this is Complete Psionic, they managed to botch that too, it also allows you to spend more points (since your limited to spending your manifester level on any one use of a power), which is the primary method of getting better effects out of a power.

You'd be far better off replacing the monk levels with Hazartain and taking 12 levels of Psychic Warrior, since the extra 7 levels of monk gestalted with Hazartain gain you jack squat and 7 levels of Psychic Warrior are pretty darn good.

Seriously, you're giving up 7 levels of power points and new powers for Wholeness of Body, Improved Evasion, Ki strike (lawful), Diamond Body and Abundant Step. That's not a good deal.

The pre-requisites of Haztaratain are a couple of monk features. It's gestalt so monk levels=psychic warrior levels it's whether the haztaratain levels gestalt with monk or PW. It was 5-5 before the 7 haztaratain levels, which were assigned to link to monk, but I'll change that to PW and try and figure out what powers to take.

Oh I should mention that I need this character sorted by Tuesday 20th November 7am Eastern American time latest, which will allow 1 hours transfer to paper for the TTG, which I leave for onTuesday 20th November 8am Eastern American time latest.

I'd love to be able to spend all the time between now and then working it out but I'm afraid I have other priorities that trump for my time like a certain degree module that I'd like to not fail.

Got some bad news for you. Practiced Manifester doesn't give you any power points or new powers
Depends on how one defines "bonus power points".

The Bonus PP from a high key ability score are dependent on manifester level:
Originally Posted by SRD, Power Points
How To Determine Bonus Power Points

Your key ability score grants you additional power points equal to your key ability modifier your manifester level ׽. Table: Ability Modifiers and Bonus Power Points shows these calculations for class levels 1st through 20th and key ability scores from 10 to 41.
(Emphasis added; remember, text trumps table, so the "by class level" in the table header should read "manifester level").

Ah right, i forgot how bonus points were defined. Been awhile since my last psychic.

OK tweaked sheet up...... sleep....... sleeeeeep. It's nearly 2am here so no more changes/viewing for at least 8 hours.

Anyhow, my recommendation would be Monk 5/Hazartain 7//Psychic Warrior 12 instead of PW 5/HT 7//Monk 12. That also means you don't need to mess around with Practiced Manifester at all. You still get everything that actually matters for monk abilities out of the Hazartain levels, while getting 7 more levels of manifester for real instead of 4 kinda sorta levels.

Edit: which you already did. Nevermind. Must be a bit tired, I was reading your response as not quite understanding what I said.

I'm not sure Monastic Training does anything for you in this build. Unless it's a prerequisite for something else? Not Tashalatora, that shouldn't be benefiting you at all in a gestalt game. And if your GM really is allowing you to stack those abilities to level 24, I'm not sure what advice I can actually give you except to find a way to get a few more of those feats like Ascetic Rogue.

Monastic Training is a pre-requisite for Tashalatora (Secrets of Sarlona page 119). Doesn't look like it's a pre-requisite for anything else.

So Tashalatora won't be of any use in a gestalt game? Fair enough.

You may be thinking of Ascetic Psion from Secrets of Sarlona page 115. The pre-requisites for that are Improved Unarmed Strike, which is in the Monk text as a class feat (2nd sentence of the Unarmed Strike entry but I will double check with the DM as he has overruled text with tables before and I would like to avoid rules arguments on the day for reasons of being considerate to the other player at the table), and Narrow Mind (XPH page 48).

Edit: Yes monks get Improved Unarmed Strike as a monk bonus feat.

OK, we've freed up a couple of feats, so now some suggestions as to how to spend them.

Psionic Feats: I really like Mental Juggernaut from Complete Psionic, using your focus to ignore a magical or psychic ability that would stun or daze you is both useful and something I could see your character doing.
You might want to look at Psionic Fist & Unavoidable Strike, they don't combo well with Flurry but US can help a lot against tougher foes.
Speed of Thought could enhance your mobility, as could Psionic Charge or Up the Walls.
Psionic Meditation is a strong choice, getting your focus back faster is important if you start taking abilities that expend it.

Psionic Meditation is always useful when regaining manifest ability.

Mental Juggernaut is awesome due to daze and stun being total **beep** when you're in the thick of combat. We have been dazed.

PsionicFist/Unavoidable Strike are going to be so much fun as a combo especially with my craptacular BAB. I've always found that enemies/monsters (they are mutually exclusive sometimes) tend to have equally craptacular touch AC so those will even out the playing field a little.

I've not seen many situations thus far where being able to make a 90 degree turn mid charge would be useful. I can already move 70', and that's without factoring running, charging, etc.

I can already climb any surface that is earthen or stone each for day minutes/level as a class feature as well as the manifestation Earth Walk. The Unarmed Strike entry says that elbows, feet, and knees can count as attacks so I can just Earth Walk the wall/ceiling and kick my enemies in the face.

OK 2 more feats and 4 more powers to pick at max level 4.

P.S. Sheet re-edited with corrected stuff.

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