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This week in video games...

Does anyone here own Jurassic World Evolution and would be willing to contact me on Discord and Steam for a short 5 minute stream to test the game's audio on a broadcast? I want to see if it works on broadcast before I buy it and attempt to stream it for my boyfriend.

I have played only 44 minutes of Steins;Gate ELITE and I can easily say that this is the most amazing visual novel I have ever experienced. The addition of animation from the series as well as how it is implemented in bite sized bits works so well. Final Fantasy IX is on hold for a bit.

I knew what that link was before I clicked on it. Between this and Sekiro, I am hard pressed to contain myself today.

Despite the bugs, I am enjoying My Time at Portia quite a bit. If I ever run something like Gamma World, Portia would be more than a little inspiration. At first I thought it was a reskin of Planet Explorers without the weird voxel building, but in about 35 hours of playing, I have experienced more content and immersive gameplay than over 80 hours of Planet Explorers.

Yakuza Kiwami 2 came out on PC. And I played it for like 15 hours straight, before needing to go to my parent's place for the Mother's Day weekend. I'm enjoying it so far.

Has anyone played the early access of Hades by Supergiant Games? It looks like a spiritual successor to Transistor (combat-wise).

Bought into Hades, day 1. Artwork is beautiful. Music is incredible. Gameplay is fairly enjoyable. Be prepared to die, a lot. But that's kinda the point. I had taken a break, I have not jumped back into it since the "Beefy Update" that just came out.

If you can get past the whole Epic Store thing, for $20, its worth the value. Far worth things I've wasted $20+ on. Supergiant is one of the few remaining studios I have some faith in.

I'm glad you enjoy it I have a lot of faith in Supergiant. I've thoroughly liked what they've produced so far (never played Bastion, though). know I'll be picking up Hades eventually... I'm just not sure that I want to spoil the surprise before it's finished. That said, I'm a mythology buff. A spin on a classic isn't going to ruin the meat of the story for me.

Do you find Hades to be less story-centric than Supergiant's previous games?

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