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Behind great minds

For this game I will be the only DM, I have a fair amount of experience and have DMed a number of games on this site and in real life. This is my first game with this system, though the system it is based off of (dnd 3.5) I am quite familiar with.

This game will take place roughly 300 years before Aang runs away from the air temple (meaning four hundred years before the actual series), this leaves us in an untold era of the world allowing for much exploration and character creation in a reasonably unknown world. Due to this the four nations are still at ‘peace’ and there are still a vast number of air nomads around the world.

There is much migration and interaction in the various lands, meaning it is not uncommon to come across an air bender in Ba Sing Se. Though some areas as still rather hard to approach, such as the western and eastern air temple and the water tribes at the north and south poles. This game will be based in Ba Sing Se, though there will be many chances to travel.

As characters will be young and fresh adventures that find themselves becoming new initiates to the secret organisation known as the White Lotus, slowly you will work your way up the ranks of the organization and bet set on missions to stop an impending evil. Eventually you will uncover a secret that has long remained buried, though one that is soon to erupt and cause disaster to a rather peaceful era.

In game: in the actual game all the players have just finished their prologue threads and have met a mysterious man by the name of Ignis. Each for the own reasons have decided to take the man up on a job, this being to help the man remove a growing gang plaguing Ba Sing Se.

Character creation
I will be looking for a total of two more characters to join the three already in the game


Level: Three, this can be all in a single bender class, all in just a martial class or split between the two of them. If you have an idea for future build, please make it clear.
Equipment: All basic equipment is open to you as long as you can afford it, each character starts with 900 GP. Special items will be looked into as a case by case mater.
Sheet: This does not need to be made until you are accepted, though if you want to make one feel free to.
Stats: For this we will be using point buy, each character will have 28 points to spend as they please. You do not have an ability score increase yet (that is at level 4).

For system two sources will be used, the primary source will can be found here. This source will be used for base rules, base classes and seeds. The second source, here, will be used for prestige classes (requirements may need to change a little, will do when the points are raised in OOC), any seeds not in the original pdf, items/feats not in original pdf.

I will happy make anyone a private thread within the forum for character creation, though if possible (I have not checked) you are welcome to make a private thread yourself but please keep it one per person and not one per character. Meaning put all of your possible characters in one thread.

Any questions please ask.


Looks, personality and history: Looks and personality should be at least a hundred words each so I can get a good feel for the character (don't write an essay please), feel free to use a photo but please use words as well.

The history should be a bit longer and detail your characters early life, when they discovered their bending and any important features in their lives. In the history I would like you to describe how Ignis approached you and got you to assist in the upcoming mission.

Hooks: Try to list a few hooks, this will help me build the game around your character.

Relationships: If you wish to state any relationships your character has with PCs or NPCs please do, this will prompt me to use them in game!

So far
So far in this game there are three players and they will be listed below.
  • Kai Enma played by WarriorKalia; an aggressive air bender.
  • Feihung Played by mtbrown1; a quick and capable swordsman.
  • Xianghe played by Tiberius_Gracchus; a monk guided by spirits.

In the group make up both an earth and water bender are missing and would be the best bet to join the team, though I will accept any types of character.

Below is a list of current applicants;
  • None!?

I will be accepting characters on the 24th of November.

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I would love to be a part of this. Is there a deadline for apps? I don't really know much about the early Avatar setting, so I might need a little time to read up on it.

And if it matters I know the system pretty well. I even attempted to run a game, and I'm contemplating another.

There is a deadline, it is the 24th, giving a total of a week for people to apply.

The good thing about setting it four hundred years before is not too much is known, so do not worry.

Knowing the system is good, not exactly needed, but it will make playing smoother.

I forgot to note that if you wish to have a private thread ask and I will make your on in the forum, or you can make it yourself.

A private thread could be useful, and I already have a few ideas for a waterbender.

Damn, because of that time frame no Metal Bending huh?

Metal bending is not known or public, but if your character happened to discover it...

Then I see no reason to not have it. Though it would be a higher level thing and something that character discovers in game, I would most likely make a 'event' in the game for the character when they discover it etc.

lol well when you put it that way...

Metal bending and Blood bending were the 2 forms of sub-bending (at least that's how I refer to them) that to me could have been played with so much more in the show (not talking about Korra here, they went beyond my expectations on those 2 for that one)

DnD3.5 ... I can work with that, little rusty though... When I come up with a decent earth-bender I'll swing by the forum

So I guess that means bloodbending might be on the table?
Edit: Huh, good timing.


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