D20 Modern unarmed build


I love D20 Modern, although the game has some flaws, I find it fun and am willing to mod it to make it what I want to be.

So now, I want to build a theoretical "Pro from Dover" type of character (the best in his/her domain, whatever it is), specialist in Unarmed combat.

So this is how I would do (32 point build, Core Modern, maybe D20 Apocalypse variant later, first with no flaws allowed, second with flaws allowed, both assuming traits are allowed.).


Strength: 16
Dexterity: 16
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 13
Wisdom: 11
Charisma: 8

Traits: skinny, slippery (Apocalypse: Illiterate instead of slippery, bonus in move silently).

Starting occupation: Military (Hide, Move Silently, Combat Martial arts)

Level 1 feats: Dodge, Defensive Martial arts.

Class: Strong Hero.

Melee Smash talent.

Skills: Jump 4 ranks, Hide 4 ranks, Move Silently 4 ranks, 4 ranks in an other skill. Keep those skills.

Equipment: essential: Fatigues (at least one for each camo), camo paint (D20 Modern web enhancement) for a +4 to hide if I have the right camo.
Secondary: Various miscellaneous goods that might be useful for the team (yeah, I agree to play the pack mule), grenades and/or acid and/or throwing knives in case.

Tactics: Using my stealth to get within 9 m (30 feet) of my enemy. Then, charge, and keep the pressure on the enemy.

Level 2 bonus feat (Strong hero): Power attack.

Level 3 feat: Combat Expertise.

Level 4: First level in Martial Artist., Dext +1

Level 5: Strong Hero 4/ Martial Artist 1. Improved Combat Martial Arts feat (bonus).

Level 6: Strong Hero 5/ Martial Artist 1, keep the Melee Smash tree, Stealthy feat.

Level 7: Strong Hero 6/Martial Artist 1, Cleave (bonus).

Level 8: Strong 6/ Martial 2, Dex +1

Level 9: Strong 6/ Martial 3, Advanced Combat Martial Arts (bonus), Mobility.

Level 10: Strong 6/Martial 4.

Level 11: Strong 6/ Martial 5.

Level 12: Strong 6/ Martial 6: Elusive Target (bonus), Spring Attack. Dex +1

Level 13: Strong 7/ Martial 6, don't know which talent to take.

Level 14: Strong 8/ Martial 6, Great Cleave

Level 15: Strong 8/ Martial 7, Whirlwind attack.

Level 16: Strong 8/ Martial 8 Dex +1

Level 17: Strong 8/ Martial 9, unbalance opponent (bonus)

Level 18: Strong 8/ Martial 10, Heroic Surge

Last 2 levels Strong, bonus feat: Blind Fight. In a setting with odd bonuses to attributes possible, +1 Dex. Else, +1 Wis.

With flaws: Take Technophobe + Frail (or, for true minmaxers: Criminal Record, I just don't want to play a convicted felon). Stealthy and mobility at level 1, Heroic Surge at level 6, Spring attack at level 9, Whirlwind Attack at level 12, don't know what to take at level 15 and 18.

Note: I sacrifice some offensive power to get more dodging attacks power, and also more sneaky goodness. Is this a good build? I don't notice any crippling flaw except for the lack of ranged attacks (and even then, I could use throwing weapons), so if you have a suggestion or criticism to make, feel free.