Blood and Power

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Blood and Power

The Lands of Blood & Honey - Forum
Vampire: Masquerade
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Want to get a V:tM game up and running. See the game for a brief summary, message me for more info

Game Description:

In the urbane sprawl of Seattle, the great clans of the Camarilla plot and twist all around them to perform their bidding, their mastery of the night unquestioned and absolute...until last year. The Black Hand of the Sabbat closed around the city's throat like a vice. Elders vanished presumed dead, youngsters met gruesome and public final deaths, and Ghouls went down in hails of bullets. In less then a month the Vampire population was reduced to less than a quarter of its former number. The Prince of Seattle, Elizabeta de Sanctis is gone, vanished without a trace.
And then, with the same suddenness with which they appeared, the Hand was gone. And no one knows why. Did their killing spree cover a search for some hidden relic? Did they loose interest and move on? Or did they simply lie low to let their food supply rebuild their numbers?
You will be playing the newly turned members of the Camarilla or Independent clan community brought forth into the uncertainty of modern Seattle nights. The city is currently held by a loose affiliation of Primogens, representing the Ventrue, Toreador, and Tremere clans. Officially they await the return of Elizabeta de Sanctis, but in practice the lines for the coming faction war are being drawn. Will you rise to fill the power vacuum at the court? Be the ones who discover the truth behind the blitz waged by the Sabbat? Or be consumed and forgotten in the darkness of the night?

Looking for a mostly Play by Post game, if interest exists I will run sessions via skype as well (if IRL allows the time). We already have 20+ players, so be aware that this is now more on a LARP scale than tabletop. This is a sandbox project, and we are community driven and collaboratively run. Drop me a line if you want to be one of Seattle's Kindred (we even have a couple Ghouls).

I am accepting new players. If you want in, PM me with a character concept and I will invite you and give you a private thread on the game forum to discuss char gen with me. Please review the stickied threads to get an idea of whats goin on. Thanks!

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Dont have the book, so I am not sure what that is. Sorry. If you can explain I can respond more

Lol Fair enough.

Elders is the book for Masquerade for making older characters.
Standard creation, you start at Gen 13, and with the Generation background you lower your gen 1 point per dot, so at the max of 5 dots, your Generation is 8th. (Depending on your view, you're the highest gen of the elder vampires, or the lowest gen of the new breed.)
If memory serves, using Elders you start at 10th Gen. You can then put points in Background, with the potential to drop to 5th gen.
The Elders book also has backgrounds fitting for Elders, as some of them are of a... larger scope. Age would likely be disallowed, since it goes against your concept. (It's bonus points for being a Vampire for X number of years per dot. It starts at like 50 years, which is a bit more than your 1 year decision. lol) Backgrounds would have to be handled case by case, or perhaps capped at less than the full amount. (Military Force comes to mind. You probably don't have the entire 3rd Marine Division under your thumb if you've only been dead a year.)

The Pretenders option in Elders, while I don't remember what it implements verbatim, essentially covers the fact that while you are of low enough Gen to be viewed as an Elder -- and are afforded many of the privileges thereof -- you don't have the centuries of experience. There's a penalty to social rolls with true elders, as they tend to look down on you, among other things.

It really comes down to scope and power level of the game, and how you feel about Diablerie.

If you want there to be that glass ceiling, or are going to not care about soul-sucking, normal creation is fine. If you want the game to have more power given enough time (characters still need XP to grow, after all) then Elders might be something to consider. (That is, if you can snag a copy of the book.)

Elder Rules

Alright, Found the elder section you are talking about. Going with No. If you want to use the Elder Generation rules you may purchase a 5 Point Merit "Sired By Elder" allowing your character to use Elder Generation instead of the normal Generation.
However, All characters for the game will receive Generation 2 for free. This will not aply for Elder Sired Characters. They must purchase the merit and the free generation points are lost. If you want to play a rediculously low gen character you can buy it but it will cost you A LOT of your starting resources.
Sound Fair?

Working on an idea for a Malkavian. She's an unremarkable woman, a victim of her own complacency. She never had any dreams, and just went wherever the easiest path seemed to take her, never believing that she was capable of changing things. As she, she ended up with a mediocre job as an elementary school teacher, even though she doesn't like children. She never married. This state would have just continued until she died, but a man who claimed he talked to God entered her life. Or rather, destroyed her life. He kidnapped her, and forced her to be his accomplice in the arson of the school she taught at. After a wild night, during which they committed a total of 3 arsons (it would have been 4, but they were interrupted), he drank her blood, fed her his own and left her in the basement boiler room of a ruined factory in SoDo.

She woke up the next night, and she remembers being hungry. She also remembers wandering around, eventually finding herself near the stadiums. A Sounders game was letting out. Everyone was all decked out in that ugly green. She hated when sports games let out. It was crowded, loud, and people just assumed that you were a fan as well, so it was ok to jump all over you. In fact, that was the last thing she remembered. Some fan in bright green hooting, grabbing her shoulders and bouncing around.

She woke up, that same night, back in the boiler room. The fan who had rudely accosted her was lying dead in the corner, with part of his throat torn open. In her bloody hands was a receipt for a hot dog and soda from the stadium. Handwriting that she did not recognize scrawled across it, beautifully formed. It said "Good evening, love. Be more careful."

Since then, she has begun integrating as best she can into Kindred society, with periodic intervention from the mysterious note-writer. Sometimes, the notes just turn up. Other times, she blacks out and wakes to find a problem has been rapidly done away with (or sometimes made horribly worse), with a note left behind. She has decided, with no evidence on who the person is, that it must be female and at least seems to be a benefactor (for the moment). Still, she is worried about this person's motives. In a rare visit from her Sire, she asked him about the person. He merely smiled and refused to answer. She's fairly certain he knows who it is.

More than fair.
Just for reference, did you use the Elders book itself, or did you find a section in one of the many other books?
Just want to make sure we are on the same page. In this case, literally. Lol

I used the section in the Elysium Book.

That's the one.

Out of curiosity, have you considered what's allowable for PC clans? The seven clans of the Camarilla? Antitribu? Ebony Kingdom clans or Kindred of the East? Others?

Originally Posted by munchkingod View Post
Anarchs welcome. The city is a power vacuum right now. A dozen Herd 5 elders have either hidden into torpor, fled, or been diablerized. Its a free for all that everybody is invited to except the Sabaat. Nobody likes them. They bite and dont play well with others...
Ah, very good. I think it should prove an interesting dynamic. The Sabbat have created the power vacuum but it serves as as perfect opportunity to create an 'Anarch free State' to the north. Should be great fun to play with. Will be up in the game site shortly.

As far as clans go, I was planning to allow Cam and Independent clans. Antitribu will be approved only on an individual basis as they have a Sabbat connection, and the core theme of the game is the Cam/Sabby divide...
on a totally different note I just noticed that there is no sheet option for V:tM, or OWoD at all... Does anybody know how to add a sheet option or will we need to track character sheets in text files?
If you need a sheet sample, here is the one I would like used:
the main page with other sheets by the same guy is at:


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