Blood and Power

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Blood and Power

The Lands of Blood & Honey - Forum
Vampire: Masquerade
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Want to get a V:tM game up and running. See the game for a brief summary, message me for more info

Game Description:

In the urbane sprawl of Seattle, the great clans of the Camarilla plot and twist all around them to perform their bidding, their mastery of the night unquestioned and absolute...until last year. The Black Hand of the Sabbat closed around the city's throat like a vice. Elders vanished presumed dead, youngsters met gruesome and public final deaths, and Ghouls went down in hails of bullets. In less then a month the Vampire population was reduced to less than a quarter of its former number. The Prince of Seattle, Elizabeta de Sanctis is gone, vanished without a trace.
And then, with the same suddenness with which they appeared, the Hand was gone. And no one knows why. Did their killing spree cover a search for some hidden relic? Did they loose interest and move on? Or did they simply lie low to let their food supply rebuild their numbers?
You will be playing the newly turned members of the Camarilla or Independent clan community brought forth into the uncertainty of modern Seattle nights. The city is currently held by a loose affiliation of Primogens, representing the Ventrue, Toreador, and Tremere clans. Officially they await the return of Elizabeta de Sanctis, but in practice the lines for the coming faction war are being drawn. Will you rise to fill the power vacuum at the court? Be the ones who discover the truth behind the blitz waged by the Sabbat? Or be consumed and forgotten in the darkness of the night?

Looking for a mostly Play by Post game, if interest exists I will run sessions via skype as well (if IRL allows the time). We already have 20+ players, so be aware that this is now more on a LARP scale than tabletop. This is a sandbox project, and we are community driven and collaboratively run. Drop me a line if you want to be one of Seattle's Kindred (we even have a couple Ghouls).

I am accepting new players. If you want in, PM me with a character concept and I will invite you and give you a private thread on the game forum to discuss char gen with me. Please review the stickied threads to get an idea of whats goin on. Thanks!

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That ^ I'm afraid is my response too. Sorry K-thu... I am stoked for a large bevy of players, since Vampire really gets good when you have politicking and enough people to form factions and such, but Fleshspinners are not really welcome faces in the Emerald City these nights. If you really want to run one I am willing to work with you, but you would have to tread *really* carefully due to your clan. Plenty of Kindred would like to see you dead.

ATM there is no sheet. You can make the sheet using a text format, and that the best I can do. ie:
str 2/dex 4/sta 3 Cha 5/Man 5/App 1 etc...
CORRECTION: I want to try using for sheet storage.

Originally Posted by cthulhu666 View Post
yeah, i know alot of people dont like tzimisce. i loved their fleshcrafting though...super awesome...
We will just say my personal opinion of that particular Discipline doesn't mesh with yours. lol

I have lots of experience with both VtM and VtR, and I'd like to get in on this game if you are still accepting players.

Please see the bottom of the description if you are following this thread: I edited with important info

I am interested in playing. I am new to this online roleplaying but have played Vampire the Masquerade before.

Would you accept a ghoul character? I vastly enjoy the idea of a ghoul character with the Telepathy numina as a spy at Elysium.

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