The worlds largest dungeon!!!!!!

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The worlds largest dungeon!!!!!!

Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Nov 30 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Let us make this clear and simple This is a dungeon crawl, through the dead remains of the God of Macabre Entertainment, whose flesh has turned into a large dungeon, and blood and bones into the most dangerous things to have been known.

You, are a creation, a being known as a Pawn

You are the stolen soul by being of powers , be thay gods or strong ancient beings, you have been forced and crammed into a creation of their choice, you are mearly a toy to them , entertainment to pass on the long exssistance of being alive forever.

If you survive and win the game, you have the chance of becoming a demi-god. If you die, die.

These are the Links you will need
Setting Info
Rules and Character Creation Info
Your Creation

Things that you should note that are different from other games

You get a free +1 LA to choose something other than human and have some fun in variability.
We will be using Chess influenced battle calling., Look at rules for clarification.
You are going to die, but when?

Game Description:


Come all ! Come ONE!

The Dungeon of Mythical Needs of Unknown horrors, created by the God of Morbid Entertainment, having long been dead, the dungeon unattended to but by the few celestial beings keeping in check the Dead Gods Creations. You Brave, Maybe Dead, few. Will Come! Will Slay!

Well, who knows, you are the latest contestants at least trying to reap the dungeon for fame an glory, but you can handle that all right? all the monsters, and evil things? Right? I mean, you can really handle all that?

No...your life insurance does not cover acts of suicide.

I will definitely be creating seething for this. Ton ably a spell caster of some kind.

Originally Posted by lasseram View Post
Wohoooooooo! Definitely applying for this. I might not respect your shotgun either, TheFred.
Heh, Crusaders work better in pairs, anyway.

If only we had ONE MORE level to work with, as I really don't like playing the small sized critters. >.<
*has just started wanting to oh so play Anthromorphic animals for some reason*

Oh well, do Crusaders work better in triplicate? /jk

Perhaps a binder might work?

LOL I've got enough on my plate as is I just had to put that on here.

I have to ask for some help from someone please. I know what I want to play, but I've become so dependent on Redblade to create a character that I don't know if I can create one from scratch by hand. Can someone with a little more knowledge than I PM me and help me with my character concept? I get the idea of point buy (although I'd rather roll stats), and I can do math. It's all the...details, and selecting stuff that is bogging me down, and I want to make sure I'm doing it right.

Send me what idea you have for a character and your questions. Then I will answer them as detailed and best as I could. I will help walkthrough your character creation for you if ya want.

I won't help with that, as I don't want to seem am giving you some sort of false hope or false favortism, let mad hatter help you out.

Scarecrow, there are also some very good handbooks you could search for on most common classes. They tend to be a bit over-detailed I think for someone starting 3.5 from new but might provide some solid suggestions. Luckily L1 does not have most of that to worry about.


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