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Hello Myth Weavers

Hello Myth Weavers

So I find myself registering to this PBP site. Talk about deja vu.
I've been role-playing some 20+ years. I started as a player in friend's D&D. If my memory serves me correctly I think the year was 1988. Wow. I'm thankful to this friend he introduced me to this wonderful hobby and you know what? After all these years we still game together. Recently I was able to pay this favor back to him by introducing him to the world of Play-By-Post. So now we're playing together online as well.

I have played Old D&D, AD&D,recently lots of Microlite20 and D&D4 as well, RuneQuest, Rolemaster, MERP (oh sweet memories), Burning Wheel.... While High Fantasy is close to my heart I must not forget OWOD; Mage, Vampire and Werewolf the Apocalypse.

Anyway, this is getting long so nice to meet you all and looking forward play with you!

P.S if anybody is starting D&D based game, retro clone or 4th edition, you have a potential new player right here. Feel free to drop me a line, please.

Head on over to the Games and Adds forum. You can access it by clicking "games" up at the top of the screen. It'll have tons games you can apply for.

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