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So I decided I was going to make a pet Ape

So I decided I was going to make a pet Ape

The basic concept of the game was that the players were all going to awaken imprisoned in a Gobin cave.
For one of the prisons, I wanted to make an unusual Sapient creature imprisoned. I was originally going to use a troll, then a Troglodyte, then a Kobold, and then I decided, why not an Ape?

I saw that Apes didn't (Obviously) have any setting for what it would be if a PC was going to play as one, but I figured I would just take the basic stats of him and go from there. It shouldn't be too hard in my opinion. I was just wondering if anyone else had any general recommendations or tips. Such as Language or maybe even alignment.

Here is the Sheet for the Ape

Just don't make him a grappler, or you'll get a lot of, "Get your hands off me, you damn dirty ape!" jokes. :P

As for the language, it would depend on how he came to be sapient... was he Awakened as by the spell by a random druid? In that case, he would be given one language of the druid's choice that it knew (so one language of your choice), plus one per Intelligence modifier (though if he was Awakened, he would have higher than a 3 Int, unless the druid rolled terribly). If he just slowly somehow gained that extra point of Int, he might have basic, very rudimentary language skills of whatever is spoken most around the area he gained sapience (or who trained him, if he was taught sapience over time), but would have major difficulty giving any but the most basic concepts, since 3 Int is literally just above animal intelligence and the bare minimum for sapience.

As for alignment, that would also depend on how he achieved sapience... one Awakened or coming into sapience slowly on it's own would, if it was done recently, still likely maintain a pure Neutral alignment like it had as an animal, though time away from it's life and among other sapient species could easily sway that one way or another (depending on how it was treated). One trained by someone into sapience would likely have whatever alignment it's trainer had/instilled in it... likely some variety of good, though if he was trained for nefarious purposes I could see him going evil as well.

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