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My gateway drug into the Roleplay world was MUDs. From the time I was fourteen, I invested most of my highschool career in dozens of different characters in dozens of different games. With the aspect of real-time roleplay events, it was a do or die situation. I improved my writing and quick-thinking skills until i felt comfortable in creating realistic characters.

During this time, I quickly learned the difference between cardboard cut-outs and complex characters. I learned the importance of long-term goals and in-depth backgrounds. From a writers field, in my opinion, the more you know about who you are writing as, the less it is a character. Instead, you end up narrating somebody's life.

After highschool, I attempted to stay in the MUD scene and I was quite successful until several high-drama events came up. IC complications are interesting. They are hooks but when things shift from the story to the relationship between players, a game quickly becomes a chore. Unfortunately, I ended up severing most ties i had to the friends i had made over these years because of complications and dislikes.

With all of this, I ended up with a bit of a phobia of rejoining a MUD or MUSH. It is not that I did not want to play, it was the knowledge that sooner or later those events would come into existence again and I would end up being hurt once again. Knowing this, I began a search for other mediums and ended up in several freeform RPG's.

These were amazing to me at the time. A place just to hop in and start writing? Create a character and just interact with one another because that is what we want to do? Leave when and how you want to? Fantastic. The problems I came to face with this medium is the quality and experience of some of the other writers. I wanted a challenge, I needed that feeling that someone is plotting and developing their character as intensely as you are. With Freeform RPG's, in my experience, it appears that a majority of their population are young. While not a major drawback, there can be complications.

Once again, I searched for a new medium and found something completely original to me. Playing tabletop games in Play-by-posts. After being a part of a few games, I became addicted. These were challenging and offered so much more than the tabletop versions did in character development. It was the best of both worlds.

BustaHemo's Styles
With most roleplaying games, you discover what kind of characters you enjoy playing as.

For me, my quick-roles, the characters I play without putting much thought into their personality or background, are generally somewhat a bit off. They are in an everlasting search to just enjoy themselves.

Over the years, i've played a ton of other characters. Some of my favorites were:
A love-sick Vampire
A werewolf hating werewolf
The captain of a city guard
A gigantic blacksmith


Writing Example: Nilheim, The halflingNilheim cautiously toys with the parchment within his sleeve as he gets it into a comfortable position. The worn paper easily wraps around his wrist in a way, he hopes, will keep it out of sight.

With a boyish sense of wonder and awe, he can't help but prance from one side of the hall to the other. Each and every portrait decorating these royal walls are looked at. One in particular catches Nilheim's attention.

PortraitA young boy stands on a hill with his hand on the hilt of an over-sized broadsword, a few inches taller than the boy in the portrait, and a stern expression on his face. At second glance, one might notice that the boy is attempting to conceal the fact that he is forced to lean heavily against the broadsword to keep his feet in the armour he wears, which is a shortened version of the knight's war attire.

Behind him, bearing down like an overprotective aunt or the shadow of death, is the castle itself.

Nilheim is silent for almost a whole minute --surprising to those who know him-- before he breaks the silence by throwing his arm out and pointing the portrait out to all those in the hall. "He looks just like me!" His arm reaches its length as he finishes, and the jerking motion sets the wanted poster free. The paper and portrait are introduced with a loud WHACK!

On the verge of anger, Nilheim stomps up to the portrait and bends to take the wanted poster back up. If the parchment were alive, the way the halfling grips it would have it tearing at the hands that hold it. "Devilish little bastard. You smacked the noble me upside the head, yeah?" Unfortunately, well perhaps it is fortunate for those around, Nilheim is unable to hold onto this pseudo-anger for long, and he breaks. His chest rises and falls heavily as he begins to laugh.

Just like the anger, the humour of the situation soon slips away from the halfling, who busies himself by muttering beneath his breath as he rolls the wanted poster back up. Unlike before, he secures the parchment within one of the quivers that hang from his belt.

With the business at the portrait complete even that is pushed to the back of Nilheim's mind as he turns back and resumes his prancing about.

Games I have experience in

DnD 3.5

Games I am interested in

Supernatural (Cortex)

Muahaha! Decided to get familiar with the sites code. >.> If anyone sees something i did incorrectly, point it out yeah?

Welcome, Busta Hemo! Yeah, I experimented with MUDs briefly. Some of them are quite fun, but others are far, far too limited. The speshul snowflake in me rages against such confines!

Anyway, welcome to the chopshop, drop Vinny in the freezer and we'll take care of it tomorrow morning. You're safe here, you're a good kid!

I like how spammers talk like that chick from Rocky and Bullwinkle.

(This wasn't aimed at the OP.)

This is the most complete introduction I have seen yet.

Welcome to The Weave!

Edit: And yes I am happy. Happiness is mandatory!


This is...

This is thorough. And I am thoroughly-impressed, bustahemo. Welcome to Myth-Weavers!

Impressive. Welcome to the Weave! If you've got any questions, be sure to check out the wiki or PM a mod like myself!


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