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Noob questions about 2e

Noob questions about 2e

Hi, I have been role-playing for seven or eight years now and have played systems from WOD to 3.5 pathfinder 4e and other custom built role-playing systems that friends have made or i have play tested. My problem lies with 2e. The only gaming group near me that i can find right now is playing 2e which would not be a problem but i am having trouble finding out how to actually build a character. In a lot of the systems i have played it is very easy to build a character. Its what the books start you out with, You have this many hit die, you roll for this, you pick from a list of these things, ect boom done. 2e tells you about what characters have and there bonuses without... Telling you about what that means to you.

Ultimately i just want to join this game and learn a new system so i just need some help making a 7th level fighter or rogue.

2e is simple stuff. Not laid out like a text book, but simple. Where are you stuck or confused and there are plenty of us who can help you out.

You should think yourself blessed to find a group who plays 2e! My own favorite, personally, though I prefer the lower level stuff. At 7th level, you're only a few away from challenging the divines!

Basically, figure out how they're rolling their stats (my own group did 4d6 drop the lowest), choose a race and class you want to be, pick a kit from one of the Complete Book of ___________ if the group is using kits, roll your starting gold, pick your weapon proficiencies and non-weapon proficiencies, buy your gear, and hop on in!

If just PHB and the Completes, things are pretty simple. What do you want to know?

Basically, start with the Player's Handbook; this will give all of the basic information about creating a character (sans house rules, of course). Once you get an idea for what race and class, pick up the Completes for those. For example, if you are looking at a Halfling Thief, pick up The Complete Book of Gnomes and Halflings, as well as The Complete Thieves Handbook. Then you can figure out what type of Halfling and what style of thief are best suited to the concept you come up with.

If you are confused about what books are even available, go here: The TSR Archive lists all the books that were ever printed for all editions, but the link I gave you specifically shows 1st and 2nd editions.

Also check with the GM of the group about what house rules are in effect. I have a fairly standard set of them, but each group has their own based on their play styles.

And I second Powderhorn here: You are very lucky and blessed to have found a 2E group. Best system (in my opinion), and it's hard to find one on the net!

Sometimes it helps to look at Complete books for classes you like the sound of; for example, the Rangers' book includes rules for letting demi-humans be rangers too; so you could in fact have a Dwarf or Halfling ranger (with slightly more limited abilities)

a copy of the quick-start rules shouldn't be TOO hard to find.

If they're not using advanced rules (non-weapon proficiencies, kits, etc) you can make a character in about two minutes, literally, if it's not a spellcaster.

Roll stats
Assign stats (if the DM doesn't make you roll stats in order and take them as they come up), and pick a class
Roll HP
Pick your starting weapon/armor
*BAM* done.

I personally think the best way to start is with the quickstart guide and add in advanced character generation, class-books, and Unearthed Arcana and the like as you get more proficient.

No one ever went wrong putting their highest stat in Strength, their next highest in Constitution, taking a fighter and taking a bastard sword.

I just got back into 2E after a 10 year hiatus. I already had the players handbook and DMs Guide, but went shopping for the Complete books of the different classes. You can find the Fighter's, Thief's, Wizard's, Priest's, Bard's, Psionics and Ranger's books all online for less than $10ea, some in great shape for less than $5! While shopping I saw PHB and DMG used very cheap also.

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