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D&D Experience DVD

D&D Experience DVD


I don't know if you have knowledge of this DVD but I post this here anyway. I found it on Youtube. It's.... I don't even know what to say about it. It just made me wish I could be with the players they interviewed so I could play with them.

You should take a look! Here is D&D Experience DVD Part1:

It is worthy.

Ha it will tend to do that to you...

I have watched the entire series of that DVD. It is . . . realistic.

I'm glad of its neutrality and its informative opinions from different people and events such as LARP or miniature making. It brings the real life of a D&D gamer out to public.

Yeah, the comments of the interviewed are very interesting and they show the reality of the game. What about that guy of the store (the one with glasses and an earring i shape of a cross) that scared the girl with his story about her sister being a demon and stuff?? WOW!!!... I wish he could be my DM...

I found that interesting.

Altough not entirly accurate...

What do you mean Jamini??

Most of the commentary and interviews were taken from one group of gamers and their particular DM. Some of the more "unusual" habits (like marrying off every one of your characters, writing up the sheet for their wife, then making dominent and recessive genes for every stat) are paritcular to that group and feel like it shouldn't have been given as much time as it was. There were other partions of the documentary that also had me scratching my head going, "That isn't right...". I also felt that the history of the game wasn't given enough development compared too the other aspects of the game.

Either way, I definatly feel this is one of the most accurate sources for information on D&D for the unitiaited. I'd give it a 9.9/10.

Hmm.... you're right. But I think they wanted to give the sensation that everything is possible in this game, so it attracts other people who think this is "just another fantasy game". Some people (me included, sometimes) can't see the whole extent of freedom we have in this game. That was theri focus, I guess...


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