Chapter 2 - Of Dust, Of Death, Of Darkness

"eh?!" Joachim looks up from his position in the sand spotting the sparkling bole he smiles, seems like we got ourselves some tresure he thinks and looks around. "Anyone need some healing?" He gets to Kashue and unanswered he simply puts all his heavenly healing hands onto him curing 6 HP. He then gets back to his feet trying to rest for the rest of the night, little does he care what happenes in camp, just sleep.
He retrieves his spear before that though.

Garak is satisfied when the last creature dies. He did not get hurt himself, and their guide seemed to have survived.

The bowl was odd and interesting, but no matter how fascinating it was, Garak was tired. He returned to his spot in the camp and attempted to go back to sleep.

Joachim snored loudly probably keeping others awake. At some points he seemed to choke and awoke shortly just to return to sleep.

I know guys it is very nice for ye to wait for me to come back to civ. but 5 days and only 1 game post! I expected more ... common! I was like thinking all the time: sheet they probably will finish the mission before I get back to posting

Tamrik, feeling lucky to have seen this before it had been a total surprise to them all, cannot fall asleep. He fears that the injuries that Kashue suffered were his fault, and wanted to redeem himself by staying awake and helping the others on their final watches.

After the encounter, Raen sleeps little, keeping an eye with whoever is on guard.

Slowly, the pale moonlight fades, and the sun rises once again. The second day of the journey is about to unfold, yet already there have been troubles...
Kashue barely said a word as the group rose for breakfast, which Ara had prepared in an impossibly-short time. Roasted scorpion was the main course, garnished with, of all things, carrots and potatoes.
The crystalline bowl had been safely tucked into Raen's pack, and the remains of the two creatures that attacked you have long since blown away.

There are many days of travel left, and if all of them are as eventful as this one, it would be a long journey indeed...

Day 2 is here!

You've managed a good first day(Point A on the above map), despite leaving late, and are a bit ahead of schedule. You could probably get to (middle of the red line, between the second and third 'bend' in the trail) if you ride hard, or a little past the second bend if you ride as normal.

Make sure your c-sheets are updated after the battle and Ch1 XP.
Apologies for the issues recently, I'm still trying to get my internet fully working, but I got it patchworky for now.

Game on!

Brief afterthoughts on the battle? I went a bit light this time to see how you guys worked as a team, so expect the next battles to be more challenging!

Raen finds a space next to Delphine over breakfast. Although not keen on the roasted scorpion, he eats as much as he can. If the following days were anything like the first, they would all need as much energy as possible. Not for the first time, he is glad to blessed with his mithril shirt, it's lightness certainly a boon as the warmth of the day begins to mount. Even at this early hour, he could tell that it would be another hard and hot day.

As the map is brought out, and discussion on their next day's journey begins, Raen leans forward, his hand on his chin. "I believe we should not set a hard pace today, given the toughness of yesterday's ride and the events of the night."

Before setting of for the day, Raen will meditate for five minutes to regain his combat moves.
Prior To Leaving

"I believe that we should press hard, though not as hard. We should try to get to the target as soon as we can. Plus, what good fighter is worn down by a fight, shouldn't it invigorate you? I know I'm pumped, and ready for another go!" Tamrik enjoyed the fight, he always did. It brought him away from all the problems of his life. He forgot everything and just fought. Maybe I truly am the same as Garak, does he not do the same thing? Hiding from his past by focusing on the here and now? He struggled with that thought as his blood boiled with hatred, his blood may hate him, but his mind could overcome the discomfort it gave him. Garak was a man tat was better as a friend than an enemy. He thought to himself in silence, a revelation that shocked him utterly.

Raen eyed Tamrik as he spoke, the man's words cutting him like an insult. The discipline and training needed for his martial prowess was far in excess of what most warriors would practice. Raen was no stranger to long periods of stregth and stamina tasks, followed by combat. Hell, riding was practically a doddle compared to some of the pursuits he and his previous companions had made on foot before engaging enemies.

But Raen also knew that there was those in the party whose martial discipline and physical fitness did not come close to matching that, and pushing hard and leaving those members exhuasted in the face of another battle, particularly in weather and conditions that they were not used to, was stupidity beyond reason. An exhausted spellcaster is no use to the warriors fighting in the front line. Even exhausted martial combatants would not be at their peak.

But Raen but his lip, and choked down the words that sprung into his mind. He would let the others voice their opinions first.

"Kashue, what say you? You're the one who was hurt, shall we ride hard, or take it easy today?" Tamrik asked. Than turning to Raen he speaks, "Raen, my words are not to be insulting, they were in jest. But my thoughts on riding hard were not. The longer we take on this trek, the better chance one o more of us may not make it out alive."

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