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Shadowrun 5th Edition

Shadowrun 5th Edition

Okay, so I think there should be a thread for this, since it's a thing that's happening.

Catalyst Games Lab is releasing the 5.0 rules for Shadowrun. I, for one, am optimistic. I was cautiously optimistic (they returned to using the term DECKER!), and that's now been upgraded to optimistic with the second preview, which details the dice mechanics.

Loftydreamer, you'll be happy to know that re-rolling all the dice that did not score hits on a roll is now an official use of Edge.

What preview, you ask?
Preview - Part the First (fiction and slang)
Preview - Part the Second (dice mechanics)

You should go download those (free and legal) right now and get right up here on the bandwagon with me.

- Logain

I saw the advanced copy at Origins.

I'm not too sure I'm thrilled. Basically, a lot of things have been rolled back to what they were in 3rd edition. There's priority, and initiative are all INIT+Xd6 dice rather than using the 4th edition mechanic.

Originally Posted by slipshod View Post
I saw the advanced copy at Origins.

I'm not too sure I'm thrilled. Basically, a lot of things have been rolled back to what they were in 3rd edition. There's priority, and initiative are all INIT+Xd6 dice rather than using the 4th edition mechanic.
I'm not too concerned about the Priority system - it'll take a bit to get used to but should be interesting to see what you can do with it. Although I do hope they update Chummer to 5e, if only because it's easier to keep track of equipment purchases that way.

Same deal with the Initiative, this feels a bit smoother than the 4e method. This way, anything that improves your initiative could potentially give you another pass, not just the stuff that specifically says you get another initiative pass.

Yeah, I disagree. Mainly because when you roll back to a previous system you're basically saying what happened in 4e was a mistake.

I think this could have been done with what was already there. If you want faster creation, make things cost less and give less points. Our minds kind of work that way. Same thing with initiative, make it -5 and then everyone gets about two passes before you reroll.

The priority system and the +d6 init stuff is frustrating because 4e was an attempt to fix the FASA-itis of the game. You had different systems that all worked differently before, and that was still the case somewhat in 4e but here the die mechanic was identical. It was always # of successes rather than adding them up. Now all of a sudden, you've got to add them ... I'm not sold on that idea.

I like the idea of people with faster initiatives being able to go more than once in a round, rather than a static #/pass mechanic. You can have normal people fast enough to go multiple times in a round, and a reason to celebrate a high initiative rolls.

Priority system isn't the only way to get things done- but it was available in 4th edition, so it's not like it's being resurrected from beyond the grave. I expect (and hope) that there will be a flat karma system available as well, for those people who want to use it, but simplifying the character creation to be more in line with how characters is upgraded is a good thing.

Slipshod: I don't know what you mean by FASA-itis of the game.

Shadowfighter15: I rememered reading something on the Chummer website that the programmer said 5th edition was a good excuse to build a ground-up version of the generator, rather than adapting it further. When I went looking, this is what I found: Source quote
Originally Posted by Keith Rudolph
Chummer for SR5
Work is underway for a new version of Chummer that will work with Shadowrun 5th edition. A lot of work has already gone into rewriting large portions of the code to consolidate pieces and make it easier to work with going forward and work has already begun on implementing the Priority build system that has been outlined in the preview documents. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done to get things ready for the game's release like further clean up work, stripping out house rules (they'll be supported again but since the game is unreleased, nobody has created new house rules so out they went!), and finishing off the first steps for the Priority system. I have no idea how long it will be after the game's release before the new version of Chummer is available; there are too many unknowns like how much data needs to be entered, how the game mechanics have changed, and how things like Cyberware and Weapons have changed which all require complex code changes, along with how much time I'll be able to dedicate to doing all of this to really give an accurate estimate. In any event, the first release will do what it can to support the core SR5 rulebook. I have no plans on supporting migrating characters from SR4 to SR5 as large portions of the code have changed drastically. The system requirements have not changed as I have no desire to alienate anyone who has used Chummer for SR4. If you can run the current version of Chummer you'll be able to run Chummer for SR5 as well.
So it looks like things are underway, but we won't know anything for sure until we get the books in wide release (or someone gives him a copy of the book), and he can work up the rules for it.

That being said, adding fuel to the fire, #5 preview is out, meaning I should update the list of links; luckily, there's a age with all of the preview links in the same place: HERE!

- Logain

FASAitis - Definition - A game with a wonderful, deep, colourful setting and a horrible rule set that's either a bunch of different games mashed together, or a complicated system that requires a slide rule and a headache to figure out.

The older editions of the game did use slightly different systems for each major area of the game (skills, combat, magic, and decking), but it hardly required a slide rule. Personally, I liked that aspect of it, as if you got bored playing one type of character you could do something different and find out that there's a whole new game within the game. 4th Edition was incredibly boring for me as a result.

Well; 5e is up for purchase on DriveThruRPG. Haven't had a good read of it yet (only found it at about 8pm and was half-distracted by a couple of Law & Order episodes that were on at the same time) but everything I've seen looks pretty damn good - especially the change to the Sensitive System negative quality in that it now has a relevant drawback for mages and technomancers (where it was pretty much free BP since they wouldn't be getting any 'ware anyway). Can't remember the drawback for technomancers but it makes it harder for mages to resist Drain.

Also; sorry if this counts as thread necromancy - it was on the third page and figured it was the best place to post this.

I skipped 4th edition completely, so I have no idea of the sour grapes I hear about it all of the time. A tabletop friend has been talking about 5th edition though, but 3rd was pretty damn fun, even if cyberware was all over the place.

I'll be scoping out some reviews.


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