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Starting Spells?

Starting Spells?

I read both the Player's Handbook and the Complete Wizard's Handbook, but there's nothing saying how many spells a Wizard can start with, only how many spells per day they can cast. So can you only cast each Spell once? You cant cast the same spell more then once per day? Can anyone explain this?

For the record, Im playing a Conjurer who starts at Level 2, so the book says I can cast any 2 spells plus one Conjuration Spell. But it says nothing about how many spells I actually start with.

2nd ed AD&D? There's several methods for determining starting spells, and I believe it's in the DMG

As for the "spells per day"... yeah no, it isn't each spell once per day. It's the total amount of spells you can cast within a day. Period. A level one wizard gets one spell per day. Any 1st level spell he knows, yes (so long as he prepared it), but only one spell. A second level wizard gets two spells per day. That means he can prepare 2 spells (two different ones or the same spell twice) and cast both of them within the day, but only once.

Since you're a level 2 conjurer, you may cast and prepare three spells. They can all be the same spell or can all be different spells, or two of them being the same and one different, but within that day you only get three spells and then you're out of spells to cast.

Think of it like loading bullets into a revolver. Your spells per day is how many you can load into the barrel every day. You would have 3 bullets. You can fire your gun three times and then you're out of ammo.

As for how much spells you start off with, ask your DM.

Speaking of Ammo, Is Chromatic Orb an Alteration or Evocation spell? It says it falls under both schools so its confusing.

I can't be sure about this but I think that that means the spell can either be learned/cast as a spell of either school, or that it counts as a spell of both schools.

Originally Posted by Blue Tempest View Post
Speaking of Ammo, Is Chromatic Orb an Alteration or Evocation spell? It says it falls under both schools so its confusing.
The older editions of the game didn't use much, if anything, from the newer ones. Spell schools just determined who had access to them. So if the case of a spell listing more than one school, if you have access to any of those schools, you had access to that spell. If you received a bonus from any of those schools, you receive a bonus from that spell. etc. So in this case, Chromatic Orb is either an Alteration or Evocation spell, whichever one benefits you the most.

Wizard's Spell Compendium, Volume I, Page 8. Starting on that page you'll see a couple of methods for determining starting spell books.

I have a house rule/method I use that is kind of based on those methods:

1. All mages start with Read Magic and Detect Magic.
2. All mages get 1 spell of their choice from their chosen school. That is, a 1st or 2nd level mage gets a free 1st level spell from their school, a 3rd or 4th gets a free 2nd level spell, etc.
3. All mages get 7 more spells, randomly determined from the schools they have access to.

Now, being a programmer, I actually coded an access database that can generate a spellbook for any character I need it for.

Starting spells for 1st edition are listed in the Dungeon Master's Guide, page 39 under Acquisition of Magic-User Spells. Not sure about 2nd edition.

The 2nd edition DMG, pg.41, has the methods for Initial Wizard Spell acquisition.
They are: Player Choice(percentage rolls), GM Method (GM choice), or Player/GM collaboration(some chosen and some random.)

Yeah, as everyone else has already stated, its in the DMG. Personally the method I favour is under GM Method, which I think if my memory serves me correctly states that the GM can pick four 1st level spells to start off with to put in the character's spellbook, however let the player pick which spells they want to put in.

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