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I think this game would work well for Mass Effect

I think this game would work well for Mass Effect

I'm working my way through ME2 currently, having fallen in love with the setting. And I've been looking at various options for ME gaming. Of course, many systems would work, including build-your-own like M&M, HERO, etc. I have also considered Mekton.

But the Edge of the Empire system seems like it's going to be a lot of fun, and once you get the hang of it, not at all clunky. More than that, it seems like it might make a pretty easy fit for Mass Effect. Many of the careers and specializations could be used without change. You could make up some more, or some new Talent trees, and that'd be fun. The Force stuff could be repurposed as biotics Talent and power trees. You could make a Spectre career.

This kind of stuff would be pretty fun to tinker with, and I'll bet the system would make a good fit in play, too. Cinematic, exciting and flavorful is really what you'd need for good Mass Effect stuff, and it'll be fun creating the various races.


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