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Shadowrun Returns idea: Lore Check?

Shadowrun Returns idea: Lore Check?

So I am eagerly awaiting my copy of Shadowrun Returns to become available for download, and I have decided to start storyboarding a few missions to create. Unfortunately I am not sure of the lore of the game, and I don't want to get it wrong.

So I figured I would post my concept here and see if anyone could see any flaws with it.

I recall a mention somewhere that there were some dragons around during the pre-awakening era (term?), but they were disguised as humans? This is somewhat crucial to the plot, though I can easily rewrite that bit.

During the time before the awakening, a new dragon was born (possible?) and to keep their secret, the elder dragons (somehow) locked him in human form while they trained him to use his magic in secret. He proved too reckless with his power, and repeatedly risked revealing the hidden dragons to the world for sheer fun. So they had no choice but to lock away his power until their presence was known to the world and they could better control him.

So they had him committed in an insane asylum. A place where he could be constantly restrained and sedated, and where his occasional odd behavior could be dismissed as typical.

But during the years after the awakening, his care was neglected and ultimately forgotten (did any dragons die?). This allowed his magical restraints to weaken, and he leveraged control over his captors. Using shamanistic magic (capable?) he conjured spirits to possess the orderlies and is waiting there in hiding until his power is restored enough to leave and find a proper base of operations.

The players meet with a family member of a committed meta-human. She is suddenly unable to visit her brother as she has every week since he went in. She poked around and saw through a window that he is alive, though acting oddly. She mentions he looked uncharacteristically aggressive and a that a psychosomatic limp he once had is no longer present.

She hires the player to get her brother out alive by any means necessary.

The player can chose one of several approaches, he can barge straight in, go undercover as a patient, or investigate the building from afar via an empty apartment with a mounted telescope. The latter ensures a higher success rate of the previous two by allowing the players to enter during a lunch break for several of the guards/staff. The staff on break return after either the rest of the guards are defeated, or the undercover player has moved on from the entrance. The third option also potentially unlocks sneaking in by one of 2 ways (still deciding how to make these work).

Once inside, I am admittedly at a loss of sorts on how to proceed regarding the brother.
I am thinking that once they make it in, they see that regardless of patient or orderly status, the large brutish types (brother included) are in charge. The player quickly learns that the only way to escape with the brother is to investigate what has happened to him. In the mean time they need to subdue him.

They can follow him when he leaves the main holding room by one of two ways. Waiting for him to leave, they either defeat the guards on duty, or distract them so the player can sneak out. Once they follow the brother down the hallway, the players need to stun and subdue him so that they can handle the rest of the encounter safely. Either they use blunt/stunning attacks, or they lure him into a holding cell where they can lock him in. Either way, when this happens they see a spirit leave his body.

After this point they can return to the holding room, a few moments later another large figure enters and calls out that its feeding time. If the guards are dead, he attacks. If they are still alive, they call out that it is "His meal time." and that they need a volunteer. All the prisoners bolt to the far wall, effectively volunteering the player. Again, the player can attack or go along with it. Either way they will be taken to a room with an unguarded patient.

This is the dragon, and again, the players have the option of talking their way out. If they have the skills, they can persuade the dragon to leave the asylum early. They can sweeten the deal by offering their services as a shadowrunner. This will not actually tie in to further missions, but it will imply that future Mr Johnson's could be working for him.

Or they can just kill it... With it turning into a dragon once its health drops a bit.

Either way, it ends the mission and drops the players back at the bar with the brother and sister who hired them.. The players get Karma for anyone they chose not to kill, as well as the contents of a hidden rare weapon cache the dragon didn't care to take with him, assuming they convinced him to leave. If they went the violent route, they get lots of loot and money.


Obviously there will be a bit more detail with the non-lethal approach once I get down to making it.
Now aside from the potential lore inaccuracy regarding my lack of knowledge of the setting, a couple of other issues could arise once the game comes out.

The main one being the game not supporting one or more of my ideas.
Another being the lack of a dragon as a usable model for encounters.

Any constructive input to my mission would be GREATLY appreciated.

One of the missions in Hit Man: Blood Money makes use of a day spa with orderlies and guards and such, and the point of that mission is to get in and kill several different targets. Without bringing any of your weapons into the place with you. You have to drop all your weapons, don the appropriate clothing (Hit Man allows for changing of outfits during game play), then sneak around through the place doing your objectives. In several parts of this mission, you have to wait for guards to not be looking or walk away before you can do anything. I highly suggest that you look at that mission - as in play it several times - to get an good idea of the concept.

The next thing I suggest is that you actually wait until SR:R comes out and play a couple of the missions there to see how things are set up and how they are going to work. The game drops (as you know) on the 25th, and even backers and kickstarters can't download the game and enter their codes until then. Which makes kickstarting this not much better than waiting, which I'm doing, and is a whole other conversation. But you should really play through the game to see what's possible.

All said, I like the concept of the mission. And I think it's wonderful that HBS is giving us the editor so we can create our own missions and run through them and then share them with everyone. I'm looking forward to seeing how you pulled this off!

Actually, high end backers who received the editor are currently able to make and share missions. Then they can play said missions using the editor. I am not among them. lol I just bought my copy via steam a few weeks ago.

You can view many of the editor mission runs on youtube. If you can handle the tactical nightmare that is the person playing it, try looking for "Life on a Limb" as an example. Though understand that it is a play test version of the mission and the creator has since debugged it a bit.

And obviously I plan to play the game first, this is just a way to pass the time. The primary reason I posted this is as I said, to make sure my story didn't conflict with the lore of the game.

My knowledge of the setting is from limited experience with the SNES copy (game bugged at the caryards and I had to return it.), and 2 short tabletop games that were not lore heavy. Though I am considering picking up the 5th edition books sometime after I move across the state in... Oh god tomorrow... o_0

Originally Posted by Dirty Kobold View Post
My knowledge of the setting is from limited experience with the SNES copy (game bugged at the caryards and I had to return it.)
Ah, the car yard ... great place to level up!

As for your lore? I'll try to comment more a bit later. There are some potential issues.

Oh yeah, it took me days to get past the arena. I kinda rushed in, not expecting the sudden change of scenery from the club. lol

When I finally got out of there and returned to the trains, that's when things started going buggy...

FYI, there is a group remaking the SNES storyline in the SRR editor.

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