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A troll, a hag and a leprechaun walk into a bar...

A troll, a hag and a leprechaun walk into a bar...

... and enjoy their drinks without incident.

Hello there, I'm Pete and I've been looking for a good PbP forum for a while now. If things work out here, I'll most certainly be dragging some more people along for a game. (Whilst getting a job and moving back to the city they all live in is the preferred method, I think this would be a faster solution.)

So how do I go about getting started? What's the etiquette for applying to advertised games? e.g. I'm interested in a CoC game currently being advertised. Do I roll the stats in the designated thread then take those numbers and post them in the application thread when I have someone fleshed out?

Welcome Pete, hope you have a fantastic stay.

Simple, there is a forum named "Games and Planning". There you find ad's and concepts flying about every which way, there you can engage in applying for games, make your own (There is a rather large button that let's you do that) or ask for games, usually done in the "Planning" Section.

Generally you have the right idea, sometimes it's also a good idea to stat your intended character design to the GM in ooc or discussion threads, if you are not sure how that character would work, or if it would work with the in game situation and some such.

If you want to start a game, there are several guides in the "GM's Corner", a good place to look at in either scenario.
Hope that helps, and get yourself your cookie, everyone new gets a cookie, I am sure you want a cookie.

Thanks for the warm welcome, SinGin.

Naturally, you are quite right, I would love a cookie. Now are we talking forum currency, bookmarking the page or having to walk to my own kitchen for a treat?

Well, since the welcoming committee has failed, it looks like you'll have to venture into your own kitchen for one. Tough Luck.

Nice to hear from you, Itchigotchi. Glad the title amused you so, I was aiming to be a little more original in my introduction.

Thank you Ravenborn, I'll always take a cheap laugh in place of an actual cookie.

By the way, is there a way to search the forums specifically? I've got some questions about the line between Homebrew and Misc. but don't want to go starting a new thread somewhere if they've already been answered.

there is a google searchbar on the upper right hand corner, that's one. But I think I can answer.

Misc is any game system that is not otherwise categorized, but has official rules for it. ( Like fan-made games, for example Pokemon Tabletop Adventures, Final Fantasy D6 and others. It needs some form of official release of a rule book.)

Homebrew are all games that an individual just came up with, there is no official release of rules, and it's more often played to figure out what needs to be balanced. This also often times include rule-less games, free form and the likes, though those could be categorized in Misc as well.

Here are some Examples for Homebrew:

Hope that helped.


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