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Min/Max Spells Per Level

Min/Max Spells Per Level

I'm running a clone of AD&D called Labyrinth Lords (a really well done clone if I say so myself) for a small group of players. I'm almost certain that one of them will play a wizard. So is there anyone out there who understands the minimum/maximum spells per level, based on intelligence, from early D&D and feel they can explain it to me? Thanks in advance.

IIRC max spells was a limit to the number you could learn or something. I'm afraid I'm not really an AD&D veteran (and have never looked at Labyrinth Lords) so I'm sure there'll be people better able to explain it.

Right on the maximum, but I can't recall exactly how the minimum worked. I believe you didn't have to for percent chance to learn spells until you had the minimum, but I'm not completely certain that's right.

Most DMs start with players having the minimum in their books but that isn't really what it means. Though it is an idea I use.

The actual letter of the law is that once a player has rolled for every spell of a certain level, because he has had a chance to learn it by finding it, he can go back through the list if he doesn't have his minimum number of spells until he reaches the minimum. The only other way you have a chance to learn spells you have blown the learn spell roll on is if your intelligence goes up.

Keep in mind that due to the maximum, the *order* that a wizard rolls for their initial spells can impact towards the bottom of the list if they have a good run of rolls.

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