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Changeling the Lost Kith Balance

Changeling the Lost Kith Balance

I'm in the beginnings of planning a CtL game, and I intend to allow Kiths from the various supplements (and the RoS version of the Dual Kith merit). However, I really have no head for game balance. Are there any kiths whose blessings have the potential to be game-wrecking, that I should probably tweak or straight up disallow?

The kits themselves, no none of them are game breaking per say. But some are definitively better then others and if you're not careful it's ridiculously easy to maximize in any area to the point where a character may completely dominate such areas.

The three things that are really to watch out for are pledges, tale-crafting and tokens

It's far easier to find kiths that will be effectively useless than it is to find ones that will be brokenly overpowered.

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