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Sperethial graffiti

Sperethial graffiti

Okay, we have a lot of experienced Shadowrun players on these boards, and I've posted this question a few different places, so I figured I would tap this brain trust as well.

I'm working on art assets for the Shadowrun: Identity project, and one of the things I've been tasked to create are ads, billboards and graffiti in Tir Tairngire. Which brings up an interestin question for me: what does Sperethial look like? It's supposed to be a proto-language that predates Egyptian by a few thousand years, but what should it look like? It's English letters in the books, but these are art assets, so I can use cryllic, cambodian, Phoenician sandskrit, Irish Gaelic, or even Tolkien's elvish.

What would you vote for, or which would you choose if it were up to you?
Cross-posted several places, feel free to respond to any of them.

- Logain

Honestly, you should Google 'Fonts' and go looking around. I use a Star Trek Font generator for character titles in my games around the web. Some of them look pretty squiggly. If you're intending this to be used for a published work, you will probably have to either find something that is public domain or create your own, but there should be lots of ideas around the web.

Personal choice, I think you should try to have them look alien. No Tolkien runes, people will make comments about it being derivative. Celtic runes might be truer to the source material, if I recall the Elves are claiming Ireland is their natural home or something. But still, those will look like every other elf rune out there. I'd say look for Asian influences, but then you run against the Triads, Yakuza and Seoulpa Rings and their graffiti and you certainly want to make it distinct from that.

I have a metric ton of fonts, I'm just trying to get feedback from people as to what they think it'd look like.

If I was more familiar with written versions of American Indian dialects, I'd bastardized those with Irish Gaelic and maybe throw in Tolkien's lettering for vowels and call it good, but as far as I'm aware most tribal languages were verbal, with modernized versions based on roman lettering (English language).

Anyone else?

- Logain

I'd probably just go with Ogham. It looks nicely ancient, without the swooping and curving most often associated with "Elvish".

If you want to go with the Native American, there was a member of the Cherokee who independently came up with a writing system. Apparently it also influenced the Liberian Vai script. Both of those are interesting in that they're recognizably scripts, but have some entirely unfamiliar characters even if one is familiar with various languages.

Originally Posted by Intro View Post
Both of those are interesting in that they're recognizably scripts, but have some entirely unfamiliar characters even if one is familiar with various languages.
I like both of those examples. Just enough to be recognizable, not enough to be easily mistaken for a modern language. The second one has a more hieroglyphic feel, which I don't like as much but may have the ancient effect you're wanting to invoke.

Intro, those are awesome, I'll definitely do more research and show you guys what I come up with!

- Logain
(P.s. If any mods think this thread would be better suited to move this to creative corner, I would appreciate the move)

I like the Ogham idea, but I wonder about the use of Native American writing styles. Would that not be a little confusing as Native American Culture already occupies a sizable chunk of the storyline?

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