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Blood and Smoke

Originally Posted by Legate71 View Post
No one has read the PDF release of this product, yet? Or, just no one has any opinions?
I've only seen the previews as the horrible new sales and marketing method of white wolf (which I vehemently oppose at every opportunity) means that I have to wait until I know someone who bought it I can borrow it from or find a copy used on store that I can take a serious look at before I can make a full judgement.

So far based on the previews, just like God-Machine my opinion is really mixed only with being overall more negative when it comes specifically to blood and smoke.

It's not WW that is publishing them anymore, it's Onyx Path Publishing.
As for the actual game, it's very good, well worth the money if you ask me

My group and I play B&S every week in our IRL gaming session. We have found B&S to be a nice system all in all, though we did bring up some Requiem rules to replace particularly distasteful B&S rules. Was there any particular questions you had about this book?

I really like a lot of changes to blood and smoke but like with most of these new GMC systems, it's a good idea to pick and choose which aspects apply, and which things you like.

It kind of is awesome in some ways, and in others is really weird; kills a lot of old ideas, opens up new ones, really up to preference BUT for instance, dominate used to involve a lot of intimidation stuff, so it worked with certain nosferatu's; now it's based almost entirely on expression, which is a weird skill to begin with, and it's essentially completely different. Majesty provides a bonus to all normal presence based roll; which is not bad, considering it's like vigor, resilience etc. but Majesty has a HUGE boost and social interaction in general has been heavily, heavily beefed up and made way more complex, So majesty is actually useful imo. Auspex sucks, but it's more about, perception of personalities and such, instead of sensory. Protean now replaces auspex so it's not a bad call, though, as long as you again, change your character concept to incorporate protean over auspex (so perceptive mekhet's need protean now? O.o? )

Although the awesome thing is it's always active. It used to take a vitae to activate but really, you';d just activate it when you need it so the whole spending vitae thing was needlessly complex imo. Plus resilience sucks if it isn't constantly active (what's the point to extra health, right?).

I am also not a huge expert. But, comparing the disciplines in Requiem and Blood & Smoke, I think they are more useful and flavorful in the Blood & Smoke rule set. I also like how experience works in Blood and Smoke. It reminds me a bit of The Riddle of Steel / FATE (again, I am no expert in these two systems either). I also like the parts about character Aspirations, the Touchstone rules and the fact that the system has gone back to Nature / Demeanor (or Mask / Dirge... whatever) from the horribly one-dimensional Virtues / Vices.

Not sure I feel the same way about Conditions, though...

The B&S turned back the VtR setting to personal horror with much more social gears to play. Setting became alive, I feel the life breathing within, I see characters and npcs in their lives, in their communications. The Touchstone and the Detechment as like Intergrity and Lost Soul in God-Machine are the really useful Dr. Frankenstein's tools to make an actual memorable game.
You don't need VtR corebook anymore 'cause you'll have all revised mechanics and you'll have some changes in Clans and Covenants, some of then have a conflicts with VtR Corebook, for example, Daeva's nickname "Serpents" in the B&S...

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