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Aerondor's characters

Aerondor's characters

PFS ID# 100387

Orophin Telemnarn 100387-1Aasimar Oracle-6Liberty's Edge Free
Valandil Anwamanë 100387-2Elven(7) Wizard-5/Magaambyan Arcanist-2Grand Lodge Free
Iso Soturi100387-3Human Barbarian-6The Exchange (SLOW) FREE
Chaul Drammarson100387-4Aasimar Cleric-9Silver Crusade Free
Rhuul Irontoe100387-5Dwarven Bard-12Silver Crusade eSEEKER (still need to advance CS from 11th to 12th)
Fargrim Arikfind100387-6Aasimar Inquisitor-6Liberty's Edge Free
Vrald Sehir100387-7Human Fighter-13Sovereign Court need to advance him from 11th to 13th and make last chronicle for him
Bulgo Bluefoot100387-8Halfling Rogue-6Scarab Sages Free
Oleander Anwamanë100387-9Elf Ranger-7Silver Crusade Free
Yoshi Masaso100387-10Human Brawler-6Dark Archives Free must advance to 6th
Vagantem Aere100387-11Sylph Fighter-4Silver Crusade Free
Auriferous 100387-12(Core)Half Elf 8 (Paladin-4/Sorcerer-1/DD-3)The Exchange (SLOW) Free
Belinda Bluefoot100387-13Halfling Swashbuckler-6Scarab Sages Free (Solstice Scar B, session 2) - need to advace to 6th
Prisim100387-14(Core)Gnome Sorcerer-6Silver Crusade Free
Oggil Redhand100387-15(Core)Dwarf Monk-7Scarab Sages Free
Khellek the historian100387-16(Core)Human Bard-4Dark Archive (SLOW) TBD (season 10)
Q'lack100387-17Grippli Ranger(dandy)-3Sovereign Court Free
Forvenniel Anwamanë100387-181/2 Elf 2 (Cleric-1/Wizard-1)Scarab SagesFree
#19 (credit baby)100387-19Mystery (1xp)TBD Free and likely to remain so.

GM and cross character stuff
* GM award card not yet assigned
* Classic Bonus Starter trait for a Scarab Sages character from Bulgo chronicle #12 (scarb sages faction trait)
* Classic Bonus starter trait for a character from Vrald chronicle #21 (07-00) (caretaker(faith), charming(social) or ease of faith(faith))
* Classic Bonus starter trait for a character from Vrald Chronicle #31 (09-00) (fast-talker(social), resilient(combat)), or suspicious(social))
* Classic Teifling racial boon (GDV)
* Classic Dhampir racial boon
* Classic Samsaran racial boon (and 2xPaizo Con Oz 2017)
* Classic Vanara racial boon
* Classic Genie Heritage (From Belinda #9) - wilder range of bloodlines for elemental-affinity CHA benefits
* Classic - Ability to take Runeguard prestige class (Orophin #15)
* Classic - Protégé - EOTT - +2 to an ability score at first level.
* CORE Bonus starter trait for a character from Khellek chronicle #3 (07-00) (courageous(combat), indomitable faith(faith) or resilient(combat))
* Three GM stars available.
* Fighting off Corruption (Ghoul)
* Psychic awakening boon
* Limited Rebuild (PaizoCon Oz 2017)
* Master Herbalist (PaizoCon Oz 2017)
* Mounted Tradition (GD six) x2
* Freedoms Champion (Liberty's Edge) or Ardent Knight (Silver Crusade)

Orophin Telemnarn

The self styled "Singing Sage", Orophin enjoys living in the limelight, as well as showing off his impressive knowledge of many facts.

He has a sublime singing voice, and uses it when ever he gets an opportunity.

Meta data
Paizo page
PFS character: 100387-1
Faction: Liberty's Edge
Next Chronicle: #17
Current XP: 16
Fame / Current Prestige: 32/26 (5pp concert hall; 1PP planar adaptation)
Chronicles: here

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Valandil Anwamane

Elven Wizard (spell binder) -5/Magaambyan Arcanist-2
Tall and slightly thin, Valandil has a hard time keeping a look of contempt for his fellows from his face. His fingers, it is noted, are covered in ink splots.

Swingers of swords, priests of gods. None of them spend the time and effort to master true power.

Paizo page
PFS character: 100387-2
Faction: Grand Lodge
Next Chronicle: #19
Current XP: 20
Fame / Current Prestige: 38/36 (module gave non max PP; Wand CLW)
Chronicles: here

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Iso Soturi

Human Barbarian -6
Iso Soturi is a tall, but slim Khellid barbarian. He wears a beard with small silver bells woven into it. Upon his arms there are tatoos of various raptors. Rarely far from him are a vareity of heavy weapons, typically an axe and a flail.

Paizo page
PFS character: 100387-3
Faction: The Exchange
Next Chronicle: 23
Current XP: 15.5 (slow advancement)
Fame / Current Prestige: 30/25 (-15/+13 points for borderlands keep; WBG only 1 fame; HP retrain -3PP)
Chronicles: Here

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Chaul Drammarson

Tall and slim, at first glance he is striking with white hair and blue eyes. At a closer look it becomes Chaul has hair that shines with a metalic silver sheen. His eyes at first blue, glow like backlit sapphires when stared at, or under the light of the sun.
Meta Data
Paizo page
PFS character: 100387-4
Faction: Silver Crusade
Next Chronicle: 20
Current XP: 24
Fame / current Prestige: 40/15 (Wayfinder 1; landgrab 2; Twin tomes (infernal) 1; diplomatic caravan 5; raise dead 16)
(nesting swallow 0pp; 3x emerald spire at 4pp for a level; Thus 8pp off max for level)
Chronicles: Here

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Channel Energy available: 10/10

Rhuul Irontoe

Dwarven Bard -11
Rhuul wears bright colours. He is a bastion of good cheer. Typically he waves a pathfinder flag in his left hand, while keeping a dwarven waraxe in his other.

Paizo page
PFS Character: 100387-5
Faction: Silver Crusade
Next Chronicle: 37
Current XP: 33
Fame / current Prestige: 64/44 (Long Distance Support:5 ; Wayfinder 1; 1PP only in Chronicles 7&23; 10PP intelligent ring of weary sky; 4PP restoration)

Chronicles: Here

Chronicle #1 - 02-23: Shadows last stand (part I)
Chronicle #2 - VTT Gameday 2 - Long distance support boon. (0xp)
Chronicle #3 - 05-08 The Confirmation (GM Credit)
Chronicle #4 - 02-24: Shadows last stand (part II)
<level 2>
Chronicle #5 - 00-02: The Hydra Fang Incident
Chronicle #6 - 06-01: Trial by Machine (GM Credit)
Chronicle #7 - We Be Goblins Too (Credit)
<level 3>
Chronicle #8 - The Frozen Fingers of Midnight
Chronicle #9 - The Glass River Rescue (GM Credit)
Chroncile #10 The Pirate Pact
<level 4>
Chronicle #11 -Slave Ships of Absalom (GM Credit)
Chronicle #12 - Shades of Ice Part II (GM Credit)
Chronicle #13 - Tide of Morning
<level 5>
Chronicle #14 - Shades of Ice Part III (GM Credit)
Chronicle #15 - From Under the Ice
Chronicle #16 - Scions of the Sky Key part 2 (GM Credit)
<level 6>
Chronicle #17 - Fane of Fangs (quest, 0xp)
Chronicle #18 - Valley of Veiled Flame
Chronicle #19 - Serpents Rise Special (Pregen Aspis)
Chroncile #20 - PVP Gameday IV boon #5: Against the Consortium. (0xp)
Chronicle #21 - Siege of Serpents
<level 7>
Chronicle #22 - The Green Market (GM Credit)
Chronicle #23 - The Heresies of Man part 1
Chronicle #24 - The Heresies of Man part 2
<level 8>
Chronicle #25 - The Heresies of Man part 3
Chronicle #26 - Thralls of the Shattered God
Chronicle #27 - Lost at Bitter End
<level 9>
Chronicle #28 - King Xeros of Old Azlant (GM Chronicle)
Chronicle #29 - Fate of the Fiend
Chronicle #30 - Solstice Scar - year A
<level 10>
Chronicle #31 - What Sleeps in Stone
Chronicle #32- Echoes of the Everwar part 1
Chronicle #33- Echo of the Everwar part 2
<level 11>
Chronicle #34- Echo of the Everwar part 3
Chronicle #35- Solstice Scar - B (GM Chronicle)
Chronicle #36: Echo of the Everwar part 4

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Flag bearer +1 to hit and damage (morale)
Inspire courage +2 to hit and damage (competence)
Total +3 to hit and +3 to damage
[spoiler=limited use]Music used: 11/27 rounds
Lore master 0/1
Reroll @+3 1/1

Fargrim Arikfind

A striking woman with silver hair and golden eyes. She wears very fashionable leathers, but does tend to bump into things a bit.
Paizo page
PFS character: 100387-6
Faction: Liberty's Edge
Next Chronicle: #14
Current XP: 15
Current Fame/Prestige: 26/28 (one module that gives 3xp and 4pp; Wand CLW)
Chronicles: here

#1 - 05-08 The Confirmation (GM credit)
#2 - 04-11 The Disappeared
#3 - 05-11 The Library of the Lion
<level 2>
#4 - 06-10 The Wounded Wisp
#5 Murder's Mark (3xp)
<level 3> (start on 7xp)
#6 - 00-08 Slave Pits of Absalom
#7 - 08-01 Portent's Peril
<level 4>
#08 - 00-13 Prince of Augustana (GM Chronicle)
#09 - 07-27 Beyond Azlant Ridge
#10 - 05-04 The Stolen Heir
<level 5>
#11 05-22 -Scars of the Third Crusade
#12 05-21- The Merchants Wake
#13 07-02 Between the Lines

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Vrald Sehir

Human Fighter - 13

Vrald dresses as he believes a young knight should. In the heaviest armour he can afford, although respectable clothes are never too far away.

Paizo page
PFS character: 100387-7
Faction: Sovereign Court
Next Chronicle: #37
Current XP: 37
Current Fame/Prestige: 72/66 (-5 feat retrain; +4 recovered from boon (#16), -1 Noble title; -4 Wand CLW, 2x potions fly)(max PP 2 down due to first EotT chronicle giving 2xp but only 2pp)
Full chronicles: here

#1 01-55 The Infernal Vault
#2 00-05 The Mists of Mwangi
#3 00-13 Prince of Augustine
<level 2>
#4 05-08 The Confirmation (GM Credit)
#5 05-11 The Library of the Lion (GM Credit)
#6 00-06 Black Waters
<level 3>
#7 00-08 Slave Pits of Absalom
#8 00-01 Silent Tide (GM Chronicle)
#9 06-11 The Slave Masters Mirror
<level 4>
#10 06-08 The Segang expedition (GM credit)
#11 06-06 Hall of the Flesh Easters (GM credit)
#12 06-19 Test of Tar Kuata
<level 5>
#13 00-03 Murder on the Silken Caravan (GM credit)
#14 05-19 The Horn of Aroden
#15 00-04 The Frozen Fingers of Midnight (GM credit)
<level 6>
#16 - 06-17: Fires of Karamoss
#17 - 00-07: Among the Living (GM Credit)
#18 - 00-27: Our Lady of Silver
<level 7>
#19 - 00-20: King Xeros of Old Azlant (pregen)
#20 - 00-22: Fingerprints of the Fiends (pregen)
#21 - 07-00: The Sky Key solution
<level 8>
#22 - 07-28: Ageless Ambition
#23 - 03-Sp: Blood Under Absalom
#24 - 00-16: To Scale the Dragon (GM Chronicle)
<level 9>
#25 - 06-23 The Darkest Abduction
#26 - 00-28 Lyrics of Extinction (GM Chronicle)
#27 - 03-04 The Kortos Envoy
<level 10>
#28 - 08-04 Wardens of Sulfur Gulch
#29 - 02-20 Wrath of the Accursed
#30 - 08-99 The Solstice Scar - year A (GM Chronicle)
<level 11>
#31 - 09-00 Assault on Absalom (GM Chronicle)
#32 - 06-04 Beacon Below
#33 - 00-28 Lost at Bitter End (GM Chronicle)
<level 12>
#34 - 01-46 - Eyes of the ten part 1 (2xp) (GM Chronicle)
#35 - 01-54 - Eyes of the ten part 2 (GM Chronicle)
<level 13>
#36 - 02-05 - Eyes of the ten part 3 (GM Chronicle)

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Bulgo Bluefoot

Bulgo Bluefoot

A fleet footed halfling with a grin that rarely vanishes. Bulgo's face, hands and feet are well tanned from his years in the Osirion deserts. When in more civilised surroundings he dresses as a young nobleman.

Paizo page
PFS character: 100387-8
Faction: Scarab Sages
Next Chronicle: 18
Current XP: 15
Fame / Current Prestige: 30/30
Chronicles: here

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Oleander Anwamanë

Elven Ranger - 7

Tall and skinny, Oleander says little. She is quiet, and prefers the peace of the woods to cities.

MetadataPaizo page
PFS character: 100387-9
Faction: Silver Crusade
Next Chronicle: #20
Current XP: 19
Fame / current Prestige: 37/35 (wayfinder 1; one down from twilight)

Chronicles: Here

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