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The Dead Games Society Podcast

The Dead Games Society Podcast

Hi all, this is Chad from the new Dead Games Society podcast, the show where my two co-hosts and I discuss all the great out-of-print games and game editions for table-top roleplay as well as interviews with the legends in gaming.

I hope you will have a listen and visit our website as we talk about games like Top Secret, Gamma World, and Traveller, and that's just to name a few of the games we will be covering. So far we have covered White Box D&D, the Holmes and Moldvay editions of basic, and in our latest, still in editing, we wrap up our series on Classic D&D talking about the Mentzer BECMI editions.

We also currently feature interviews with John Tynes, creator of Unknown Armies and the original Delta Green, as well as a great discussion with Forgotten Realms creator, Ed Greenwood! And look for more to come from the likes of Merle Rasmussen, Ernie Gygax and Margaret Weis.

You can find the DGS Podcast at as well as streaming it from itunes.

For all of you espionage fans, check out Episode #7 of the Dead Games Society podcast where I sit down at Nexus Game Fair with the Administrator himself, Merle Rasmussen! Merle is best known for his creation of the classic TSR game, TOP SECRET. But he has had a hand in writing adventures for basic D&D, Star Frontiers, Boot Hill and several card games.

So tune in, sit back and have a listen as the Administrator opens his files.

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