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Arhan Ağaoğlu's Star Wars the Old Republic, WoD System

Arhan Ağaoğlu's Star Wars the Old Republic, WoD System

Hello Everyone

I'm posting this today, to bring to everyones attention, what I think is one of the best Star Wars RPG representations out on the internet.

Arhan Ağaoğlu has created a fan made system, that seamlessly works with the World of Darkness system, designed to work alongside the God Machine Update (which can be downloaded for free on

The game has it's own unique character creation rules, as well as it's own full set of merits, from affinities to the force powers within the game, to fully progressive Lightsaber combat merits (Unlike the D20 Saga edition, where you could take Juyo at level 1, this system makes you work towards it.)

It is compatible with the updated merits shown in the God machine Update PDF, as well as all of those from Armoury and Armoury Reloaded (The Firearm Merits from these books would be great for characters using blasters! However the Supernatural Merits are excluded due to this system's Force merits.)

The game also has rules for lightsabers and lightsaber combat, Light side and Dark side balance, and Force Powers that are balanced and well thought out.

Please bare in mind, while this document has been translated to english, some of the words got missed (not many), but it is does make sense.

Here is a link to my MEGA Cloud Storage of the Star Wars the old Republic, WoD Rules, I have the permission of the creator to share this.!JRd01C6C!LdpBsQ...lvjkN7tBsSrAUc

I post this in the hopes that a GM will take up the game, and that this system will become part of Mythweavers extensive array of games, I'm too much of a player to run a game, and I have great respect for the people with the mental processing power, to even begin comprehending what's needed to run a game.

Does it use "Dark Side Points" or a similar limiter for Dark Side powers which are more awesome than their light side counterparts, and forces you to scrap any character that hits threshold? And NPCs are immune to this?

I feel like asking this because it's the main gripe I have with most Star Wars games.

read the section titled Balance.

Non force using characters use standard WoD Morality.

Force using characters have Light side and Dark side pts, but they both reach up to 10, and you character is always balance between them:

Balance is divided up into two 10-point scales; Light Side and Dark Side. Balance. The Balance between these are always constant, which means that when you reach 10 points on one scale, you have zero points on the other one. If you have five points on one, you only have five on the other, etc. Balance also affects how near you aret o your Virtue or Vice. The more you have in your Light Side, the close you are to your Virture, and vice versa. Balance can also give bonus or penalty points to your Composure (does not affect your Willpower). For every step over five (5) which you have in the Light Side, you receive a plus 1 in your Composure-Strike. A Balance in Light 7 and Dard 3 gives plus 2 to your Composure-strike*. This also applies in the opposite case: for every step over 5 you have in the Dark Side, you get penalised minus 1 in your Composure-strike.
*Just to point out, this document is a translation, 'Strike' when refering to dice pools is meant to be 'Roll'

What is the original language? Turkish?

LOL first time I saw it, it was Swedish, this is the most recent english translation, and the only real issues it has is grammar. If you have a solid knowledge of WoD lingo, you pretty much edit things as you read.

Okay, can someone explain the saberlock rules? Because maybe it's just the wording but that thing is really confusing to me.

A saber Lock happens when you attack successes are equal to their block successes. (Block requires the first 2 dots of Shii-Cho)

Both characters then contest, Lightsaber Skill + Strength, Until one side gets more successes than the other (so if multiple tests result in a draw, roll again)

Winner of this contest breaks the Saber Lock, and gain a free attack against their oponent, with no defence allowed.

This can result in the defender getting a free attack against their attacker.

Force Powers, such as Surge and Force Push, can be used to alter this roll.

Here is the Block Skill as seen in the Shii-Cho combat form. It does not reduce your opponents successes, only the amount of dice they roll, instead of relying on your defence value:

2. Block Strength + Lightsaber + 1. The number of successes you roll is deducted from your opponent’s roll. You go without your defence with this manoeuvre.
The fourth dot lets you block (or redirect) a number of attacks, equal to the lowest between your Dex and Wits score, with a -1 dice pool penalty for each attempt after the first:

4. Sarlaccs Limbs You have the opportunity to withstand (block and redirect) the lowest of your Wits or Dexterity in number of attacks. You receive one minus point for each above the first.

that seems exceptionally complicated. I think I'll stick with Fate Core for my Star Wars goodness.

I wouldn't disregard the entire system over one mechanic, the force abilities are not over powered and the rules for lightsaber combat are a tad more complicated, but I believe they help a player get a better feel for the dynamics of lightsaber combat, especially when your working your way up and mastering the forms.

I like how the system really rewards a player for committing to a path within the force, instead of just "Oh your a level 1 padawan? Here! have one of the most powerful weapons in the galaxy! You can skip the training sabre", and having crazy amounts of force powers & lightsaber forms, just by spam taking the Force training feat, picking the best race to use force powers, etc.

That's the part about the Saga Edition that really went against the grain for me, yeah I could 'build my own Lightsaber' at heroic level 7, but it seemed kinda silly since most players just started with one, so there was no real sense of achievement.


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