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Getting started with the World of Darkness, any tips?

Getting started with the World of Darkness, any tips?

Having had a copy of the NWoD core lying around unread and unused for a while, some friends talked me into buying a pile of splatbooks. More specificly; Werewolf, Mage, and Changeling.

While I'm still in the early stages of reading these, so it will be a while before I can get a full grasp of the system, though I do have some experience with the system, from a round of Princess the Hopeful (Which is a fan-made supplement I believe?) that never made it past one session. (And that predated my corebook ownership, for .)

Most of my focus is on changeling right now, and it's probably what I'll play first. I was told that as far as tone goes, it was both the lightest and darkest option. I was also told that I could play "literally anything" and it will somehow still fit.

Is there anything important I should know? Or, barring that, any basic tips, tricks, pitfalls, build advice?

Are you using the God-Machine Chronicle update?
If not, figure how you'd want your stats to be when you get enough XP. Then buy the highest attributes and skills to the highest level you can, leaving the rest of them to be improved with XP. Seriously, figure out an explanation if you need to, but get your highest skills and attributes first, because the order you buy them in changes how much XP you need to get at your desired point!
I'm not kidding, the difference between starting with a 3-3-3 or a 1-5-3 and working to get 3-5-4 was about over 15 XP, which is easily 3 sessions worth of playing. Save yourself some time, start with the 1-5-3 spread!

Combat is complex in WoD, but I actually like that. Such complexity will keep the sessions from devolving into a dungeon raid.

My advice is to make sure your characters are more "well rounded" than "specialist." What I mean is, don't necessarily look for "party roles" such as DPS, Healer, etc., and try to optimize. Just have fun, let the dice fall where they may, and roleplay it out!

You'll be using noncombat skills at least as much, if not more than, combat skills, even not taking into account that there are more noncombat skills than combat skills.

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