A Gift: 321 System

First, my apologies to the players I abandoned without notice or explanation. I'm still not back, but I thank you for your concern.

I offer all of you a system I whipped up over the past couple days. I doubt you will find it groundbreaking, but I do hope some of you will find it useful, or at least inspirational. I am open to feedback but I'm not actively supporting or developing this system further at the moment. Maybe when I come back I'll run something with it.

321 System is a fast, lightweight, setting-neutral rule system designed to facilitate forum-based play-by-post role-playing games (though there's no reason it couldn't be used in real-time games). As is the case with most such systems, it strongly favors narrative and description over numerical accuracy and mechanical nuance. The numbers are just there to assist storytelling.

For lack of a cleverer title, it's called 321 System because actions are resolved using:
  • 3d6
  • +2 for characters' central, defining abilities
  • +1 for characters' peripheral abilities

321 System by Mark Johnston is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.