A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying - Sellsword in Essos

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A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying - Sellsword in Essos

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Song of Ice and Fire - Westeros

Hello all --

This game is a game based in Essos with the players key components of a new sellsword company that has formed recently. You will find jobs, make war, turn your cloak, and drink the wine out of your foe's skulls!

The game has an added Sellsword Edition of ASOIAF:RPG that is focused on building your sellsword company which we will do together. Expect lots of warfare with maps and intrigue based on the coming and goings depending where your company is at the time. There should be plenty for every style of play. The 'Sellsword Edition' is linked out from the OOC section of the game.

I'm also not opposed to having your sellsword company start nearly anywhere in Essos that makes sense. The most action currently would be in the Disputed Lands. The game will start in 255, a few years before the War of Ninepenny Kings.

I tend to allow quite a few players and use split threads to handle all the RP.

I require at least 1 post, per player, every 3 days. I know sometimes that might not be possible due to vacation, etc, but I will need to know when those times come. I want to run the game as quickly as possible and delays kill that.

As for applications, I will require you to state your interest either on this thread or via PM and we will go from there. Considering this game will require joint work on the sellsword company and likely character backgrounds we will all need to work together.

Thanks for your interest and I look forward to speaking to you soon!


PS - Feel free to ask any questions, etc, here.

Game Description:

Men that sell their swords do so for more reasons than stars in the night's sky. In Essos sellsword companies are common place, fighting the wars of the Free Cities and other City-States against each other and interlopers from beyond the Disputed Lands. The Band of Nine have grown in influence as of late and their wars have seen the rise of sellswords and the making of new men wishing to try their luck as a professional soldier. War is spreading; this is an opportune time for a man to make his fortune on the blood of others.

Your sellsword company is young but eager. Many of your men have yet to be bloodied in the field, but that will not last long with the current climate all about you. Whatever your reasons the time for glory is at hand.

GM's NOTE: This game will use a slightly modified version of A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying: Game of Thrones Edition. These changes will specifically support building your own sellsword company.

I'm absolutely in.

How do you want me to start with char gen? Wait for more interested parties or work out a general role/concept and then hone backgrounds with people?

We don't need to wait, might as well get the ball rolling. Is there any sort of background that you want to play with this? Once we hear from other people, we can see if any came come together easily, but we can get some ideas out there immediately.

Well, I imagine we'll get more than a few people wanting to be from Westeros, so I'll go with a man from somewhere in Essos... preferably a Ghiscari. Could go as an officer or leader type, but will do just as well as a negotiator or scout leader.

I'd imagine the character being ruthless, unpredictable and somewhat of a lech... as generic as that may sound.

Sounds fine.

It might depend on where you guys want to actually start and have more contacts. A Ghis doing the talking in the Disputed Lands might be odd. But a Ghis in Slaver's Bay would be very helpful. That sort of thing.

If you want to set this at Slavers bay I can definitely roll a Ghiscari company officer with a string of broken hearts and dead husbands at his back.

Does any other desiring player have opposition to this concept?

I don't personally have much of a preference as to where you are based. I will say, the further you guys are from the Disputed Lands, the more it makes characters from Westeros unusual. I'll let everyone discuss and we'll go from there.

Alright then. Will work on an early character concept and PM it to you sometime later today.

This look very interesting!! I've only used the system once, and really liked it! I imagine it to be somewhat like the Black company by Glen Cook.

I'll be pondering on a nice concepts, and once I find the one I like most, I'll get back here. (should be within 24 hrs )

Originally Posted by Moranica View Post
This look very interesting!! I've only used the system once, and really liked it! I imagine it to be somewhat like the Black company by Glen Cook.
Greetings fellow Black Company fan. Looking forward to working with ya.


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