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Before You Apply

Before You Apply

Characteristics of this game you might want to take into account before you apply:
  1. There is a mix of exploration, role-playing, and combat. There will be opportunity for land-based adventures, so not everything will be sailing.
  2. You're likely to get wet at some point,
    Storms, for example. Maybe the odd water elemental.
    even if you don't fall in the water. On-ship people with Acrobatics are going to have an advantage sometimes. If you fall off-ship, you're going to need to Swim (or be rescued).
  3. Combat is inherently difficult in a play-by-post, and the first combat is often where some players drop out. So there are rules for how we'll play out combat that try to reduce the realtime to a week or at most two for a typical few-rounds combat.
  4. Of course you'll have a ship-to-ship fight at some point; just don't expect it to happen immediately or frequently, because of #3. To keep things manageable, you'll usually be fighting the other ship's higher-level NPCs while the mook crew dukes it out in a not particularly decisive manner in the background.
  5. There's a lot of homebrew and a moderate amount of setting information. People who make use of both might have a better chance of getting in.
  6. I like skillmonkeys. Combat monsters may get bored sometimes; think through
    Like, maybe, role-playing. I do ask for some plot hooks in your app.
    what will be fun if you're not in combat. If the spellcasters start to dominate all the fun, I may
    Possibly some spell nerfs. More likely some more buffs for non-casters.
    Make Some Changes.
  7. The captain and mook crew are going to be busy with
    Like keeping control of the ship, or fighting low-level NPCs.
    Other Duties when almost anything interesting happens. Depend on yourselves, not on the NPCs.

About The DM

I'm typically on the Weave only in the late evening Eastern time (8-10), aside from brief periods during the day when I'm taking a break from work. During an application period I will try to be on more often, but I make no promises.

I don't feel comfortable DM'ing above about level 10 at the moment, but that might change.

From a gaming perspective, Real Life for me falls into three categories:
  1. stretches where I have no gaming time at all,
  2. stretches where I have nice big chunks of gaming time, and
  3. stretches when I have limited gaming time and can just read and react to posts.
In the first kind of stretch I withdraw from the Weave for a while. In the second kind of stretch I plan, create adventures, fiddle with house rules, and maybe real soon now start a game. The trouble is, those planning stretches don't last all that long, so I do most of my gaming in the third kind of stretch.

What that means is that I have to build an adventure as a module, either canned or homebrew, but a module nevertheless. I need players who will accept that the current module is all there is; if they want to go wandering off to the other side of the world, the campaign takes a multi-week or multi-month hiatus while I wait for another Type 2 stretch to roll around.

Within a module I don't railroad; you can choose to do whatever you like as long as you stay in the region I've planned out. But the NPCs have their own agendas, and the world moves along if you do nothing, so in a sense there's a "plot" going on behind your backs that you can engage with, or not, as you see fit.

If you're the sort of person who wants complete player agency, my games aren't for you. I can't afford to be that spontaneous. But within the parts of the campaign that are planned out, you can do what you want.

Posting expectations

Post at least 1/day on weekdays; weekends are optional. Missing a few days for Real Life aren't a problem, but please let me know in advance if you possibly can. Posting many times per day could be problematic if it's shutting out the slower posters, but there may be times when it works out for a subset of you. For example, a private conversation with one other fast-poster, or the Captain, or a Rodanese interrogator.

Combat has to proceed at no slower than 1 round per weekday or people will lose interest and patience. During combat, I'll try my very best to log in sometime between 8-9 pm Eastern and resolve all the combat messages for the day, and if you've said nothing I'll NPC your character for the round. While I'll make a reasonable effort to do something useful with your PC, don't expect any particularly clever ideas since I'll be swamped with everything else. It seems unlikely that we could go any faster than that, given the 1/day minimum rate.

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