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One Piece D20 Anyone?

One Piece D20 Anyone?

So With One Piece being the last surviving member of the original great 3 and people still enjoying the hell out of the show/manga. I would like to introduce a One Piece D20 system I found on Bad Karma games, it's not perfect and would probably have to use other sources for weight on the items. This also is a major GM to player discussion type game since creating weapons, Devil Fruit Powers, and so on require a lot of that. Not to mention plenty of house rules to be made to adjust for some not fully balanced rules in there. In the end though you get to play a One Piece D20 game! So if anyone's interested just take a look at the link which will guide you to the PDF download page and enjoy!

Also! I said a lot of house rules and the like would be implemented for various reasons. So I would like to put a few I personally enjoy and would like you to try out, implement, or even adjust to your liking to fit your game. So a thing to know before you read my following rule changes is this, everything is gained through feats. You get five at first level, one every level after, and an additional one at level 3. As I said everything including class and career abilities are feats and you choose how you get them. There are of course feat trees but you get the idea, there is also stance feats which you can only have one activated at a time but you can get an idea of what those are. There are also Classes and Careers, for now lets talk classes, there are six in total: Brawler, Swordsman, Specialist, Rouge, Warrior, and Marksman.

1. First and foremost lets talk Devil Fruits, you can without a doubt say these things are within the world and later on will be the cornerstone of fights in later levels. However the rules in the book are a bit... confusing. In the book you get a devil fruit feat when you consume the fruit and can gain more in three ways; at every even level afterwards in addition to your normal feat gain, upon GM choice when you do training or other situation that would deem a sudden burst of inspiration, or simply purchasing one normally upon level up. However it states that you can only have a number of Devil fruit feats equal to half your level, and lets be honest in the end when you got someone like Luffy you focuses on devil fruit abilities that kinda sucks. So I say remove the limit on how many maximum you can have so those who specialize in Devil fruit abilities can actually feel like they truly specialize in devil fruit abilities.


3. Now for those who don't or do recall Zoro said himself there is a difference between wielding three swords and using the three sword style. However nothing of Fighting style feats was implemented in the book and I am saddened by this because as unique as they try to make it a brawler is a brawler and a Swordsman is a swordsman, so I would like to introduce Fighting Style Feats. Brawlers, Swordsman, Warriors, and Rouges start with Fighting style feats level one. All classes however can purchase a feat I call "Fighting Style" to gain a fighting style or an additional one, since Zoro had three fighting styles in total each based on the number of blades he's using. Why I don't think Specialists and marksman need one is because Specialists fighting is based around their unique weapons and generally have all the special feats they need with a single feat called "Specialist Weapon Attack" that generally follows what fighting style feats will be and Marksmen I don't see having a fighting style just an aim and shoot strategy. So for how these feats work it's simple, or well not so simple, you basically set up a fighting style the character will use and develop feats for how it will work in game similar to Devil Fruit Feat and Specialist Weapon/Specialist Weapon Attack feat creation. Now how you gain them is simple, you gain a single stance and feat upon gaining a fighting style and gain a free fighting style feat every 4th level (4, 8, 16, 20). You can purchase more upon normal feat gain at level up. The stance should grant bonuses usually like +1 to attack and damage when wielding this type of weapon, or this many weapons, if one's based on speed and many hits it should grant additional attacks, so on and so forth it basically must fit what the fighting style is about. Feats after that should basically be unique attacks, debuffs, or Buffs unique to the fighting style. Such as Lion's Song or One Gorilla Two Gorilla that Zoro uses for one sword style and two sword style respectively. Some gm's might say those with devil fruits don't get one or get fewer to balance it out.

4. Now lets talk about extra time and Training, lets be honest in a world like one piece you're going to have A LOT of free time sailing when it's the calm parts of the campaign or just travel to far off islands. Not like your characters just gonna pick his nose and waste time right? You gotta train! So try to offer some sort of reward for training in those free moments such as an extra feat from working hard on a new technique or tinkering with devices, some extra exp although I wouldn't recommend that unless your going to 20+ levels, or a generally stat boost based upon what they did like +1 to strength fro all that weight lifting. Lets be honest some of those weights that Zoro lifts is because he's got a 30+ strength rating and he got that from lifting those weights in his free time. There's also stretching for dexterity, general stamina training for con, reading books and solving puzzles for int and wis, and then general working on appearance and practicing talking for Charisma. Give the players a reason to use that free time for something good.

5. Now last but not least there's some good prestige classes and careers but it kinda feels like there should be more right? For example there's prestige classes for fire based and electric based characters known as Pyromancer and Storm lord, this falls in line with the Specialist primarily having feat tree paths based on fire and electric... however there is another she can used based on ice so what about that? There's also plenty more elemental based damage in the book like various energy based ones and Sonic damage, so try and make prestige classes based on that! It's as simple as making five feats, that's seriously what these prestige classes and careers grant is five unique feats but they are worth it because of how powerful they tend to be because hey, this is what you trained for. So basically try to add some more prestige classes or work with your players to make one, just make sure they're unique and not a rip off of other prestige classes with slight differences.

Is anyone even using this? I'm just wondering if people even want to play or even will use a One Piece D20 game, and if anyone has questions, concerns, or other general want/need for adjustments I'm willing to help the best I can.

Related to Haki in the system:

I think either the requirements to take the feats to start using it need to be lowered, or the Marine Class feat option to make them lower needs to just be made a general feat. Hali becomes too important to make character have to wait THAT long to stat using it.

Might also not be a bad idea to just make it works that your only taking the feat once and form there it scales up as you progress in level. In terms of how much you can use it and how often anyway.

Related to Races:

Ok, look, I KNOW giants basically function as that thing that get's Worfed. But can we at least pretend that for people who are not straw hat pirates or at a level fighting with straw hat pirates that they can, you know, be formidable?

I really feel like there under powered for what there suppose to be. Can we stick a tag about that on them and make them more effective somehow?

Edited in cause I thought about it more recently:

Come to think of it, shouldn't Cyborg be a template and not a race? Just a thought that crossed my mind recently.

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