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Running the oWoD setting with nWoD 2E rules: Let's talk about it

Running the oWoD setting with nWoD 2E rules: Let's talk about it

I have been wanting to do a game set in the Old World but using the New World 2E rules. I'm curious who has done this and how it turned out. Post your rules, your game information, your general ideas here (even if you haven't run such a game yet!). Some of the games seem easier to convert than others. Masquerade to Requiem is pretty easy. I just use Blood Potency, with it being a general measure of Generation—increased through diablerie as usual. I'm considering letting it increase like it does normally in Requiem or with Experiences (you can experiment, strengthen the Beast and your mastery of the Blood, etc.), with Generation being more of a roleplaying concern than a hard cap on potency.

Werewolf isn't too bad; generally what I do is take the Forsaken 2E forms and remove the limits on Gauru (and its increased healing), keep the general Forsaken template, and Gifts can stay largely the same. Those that are important in Apocalypse but not present can be converted fairly easily. A lot of the Fera use similar stuff, or somewhat modified forms. I even created a list of nWoD 2E-compatible Archid traits for the Mokolé.

Mage I'm really not sure about. I vastly prefer Awakening and its magic system, but I want to keep the general fluff and "feel" of Ascension for oWoD-based games. This one I'm not at all sure how to convert. Changeling seems like it might not be too hard, and relies more on description than anything, but the chimeric reality and Dreaming stuff could be difficult.

So, let's hear your thoughts on doing any and every oWoD game with nWoD 2E rules!

I was actually thinking of using Blood Potency and Generation concurrently, i.e. Blood Potency can go as high as the generation allows (same as discipline level) but grows with time and/or experience. I prefer the idea that a Methusaleah that has been in torpor for say a 1000 years rises and can't use his disciplines at full level right away (said vamp would not have to re-learn disciplines, but he could not use them again until he had reached the appropriate blood potency).

Also, as a matter of fluff, I really like the idea of the Fogs of Eternity.

For the kindred, there is actually an official conversion book.

For mage...I would recommend to use the mage Chronicler's guide, essentially a book full of hacks for mage the awakening, including making weird sciences , freestyle mages hack basically mage without the forced arcana stuffs and other kind of hacks that you might find useful.

For's frankly only an issue if you make them playable characters, as npc, it doesn't matter. I think changeling the lost is so different from changeling the dreaming, its not really worth the effort to convert.

There is a Mage the Awakening Translation Guide, and a Werewolf the Forsaken Translation Guide and a Vampire the Requiem Translation guide by Onyx Path Publishing, each of which can be found on Drive Thru RPG, which discusses using the old and new systems together. They are not super in depth, but are probably adequate to get a more thorough conversion started.

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