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Skills and dice pools

Skills and dice pools

So, an OOC discussion, during char gen, on dice pools lead me to wondering about the maximum dice pools for skill rolls/actions.

So the question is in too parts:
  1. what is the largest, single roll, non-edged, dice pool that you've seen rolled in a game (with some context on the characters experience etc)?
  2. what is the largest single dice pool possible for a 'legal' 400BP build character under SR4A rules (with splat books etc)?

I can't answer the first question, but I can answer the second one. My character in the game you are referencing has a dice pool of 19 for Detection spells:

Spellcasting 6 + Magic 5 + Specialization (Detection) 2 + Power Focus 4 + Mentor Spirit 2

That's 19 dice for Detection spells. In a 400 BP build character. With no experience/karma coming into play. And that doesn't count using Edge, which my character has 2 of.

Which is deliberately cranking it very high at the cost of everything else you could be doing.

Spellcasting 6 [24 BP]+ Magic 5 [50 BP]+ Specialization (Detection) 2 [2 BP] + Power Focus 4 [24 BP] + Mentor Spirit 2 [5 BP]

105/400 BP Wrapped up in that. Granted, Spellcasting, Magic, and the Power Focus are the core of the build and can be directed towards other spells, but 1/4 of the build is wrapped up in this right here.

Somewhere between 12-16 is normal I think? Still new myself but anything beyond 16 is pushing things into the territory of very high.

I know that it's a hefty price to pay in character creation specifically for Detection spells. But the Mentor Spirit also adds +2 dice to Combat spells. And as you mentioned, Spellcasting/Magic/Power Focus are the core of everything magical this character is going to do.

If you remove the specialty and mentor spirit, we're talking about 15 dice for spellcasting tests (spellcasting 6 + magic 5 + power focus 4). That's 98 BP, or less than 25% of the BP available for the character, to get 15 dice for every spell he casts. And it's only another 5 to get +2 dice in Combat and Detection, with another 2 to get an additional +2 for Detection. I'd say that's a pretty wise investment in BP right there.

The largest legal pool probably belongs to a character known as the "Pornomancer", a trope namer on Tvtropes even.
A way to achieve this is presented here:
and they get 51 to 53 dice.

You're not shooting for 51 to 53 dice. But you had to ask.

You have just confirmed for me why I shall never allow nor play in a game that allows SURGE or emotitoys.

The largest dice pool I recall rolling in a game wasn't for a skill, but Frank the Tank's damage resistance roll. Without AP he had a damage soak of 37 for ballistic and I think 34 for impact? This was as a 400pt char.

Skill rolls, yea I was going to mention the pornomancer, but someone already did.

My characters tend not to be super specialized, so the highest skill usually winds up in the 14-18 range.

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