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Cyberlimbs and Bioware - combining them

Cyberlimbs and Bioware - combining them

Under Shadowrun 4E Anniversary rules,

part 1a - if a character takes limbs with different attributes to his meat (say AGI 1 higher on each arm) how does that impact his overall AGI? Is it:

a) boosted by 1 overall;
b) an average of the 4 limbs (4+4+3+3)/4 = 3.5 (so which way would you round?)
c) weighted average based on essence cost (and therefore body proportion) ((4x2)+(3x4))/6 = 3.6667 (which way do you round?)

Part 1b - if a character has only one cyber limb (say an arm) with higher attributes than his meat; how does that affect skills/tasks? I assume those done with one arm use the attribute of that limb, do those done with two (say climbing) use an average of the two

Part 2 - if a character takes Muscle Toner 2 (enhances AGI by 2) and then takes one or more cyberlimbs, do the limbs get the benefit of the MT2?

Part 3 - am I over thinking this?

When it comes to the use of cyberlimbs an attributes:

Originally Posted by SR4A, Page 343
When a particular limb is used for a test (such as leading an attack with your cyberarm), use the attribute for that limb (natural or cyber); in any other case, take the average value of all limbs involved in the task (round down). If a task requires the careful coordination of several limbs, use the value of the weakest limb. The attributes of partial limbs (including cyberhands and –feet) may be enhanced, but their attributes only apply for tests directly involving those limbs (such as a Strength Test when gripping something with an enhanced cyberhand).
That right there should answer questions 1A and 1B you have above.

Question 2 is a bit more itchy, but it still follows the same premise as above. Cyberware is separate from the meat body, while Bioware is part of the meat body. So you'd still have the separation of attributes, meaning the cyberarm would be separate from the Muscle Toner (as put forth in your question), and the attribute rating to be used follows the above quote from the book.

Question 3? That's up to you. Some people would say yes, some would say no. I'd say that your mileage will vary depending upon what style of game you are running and how simple or complex you want the game/mechanics to be.

I'm not sure about expensive. Maybe if you're adding multiple limbs it is. I say this because a full cybernetic arm with Customized AGI 6, Customized STR 6, Customized BOD 5, and Armor 2 costs 27,600 and is Availability 12. And with an Essence cost of only 1, this isn't that bad.

Remember that you cannot boost attributes on a cyberlimb beyond the natural attribute maximum:

Originally Posted by SR4A, Page 343
Customized cyberlimbs function like standard limbs in most regards, but come with Body, Strength, and Agility attributes that may exceed the standard cyberlimb attribute rating of 3. They allow the user to raise their starting Body, Strength, and Agility attributes up to the character’s natural attribute maximum (p. 68).
You are a human and want a cyberlimb with an 8 AGI? Your natural maximum has to find some way to be an 8 first.

Originally Posted by Delia2531 View Post
Part 2 - if a character takes Muscle Toner 2 (enhances AGI by 2) and then takes one or more cyberlimbs, do the limbs get the benefit of the MT2?
No it doesn't. Nor would it benefit from other types of cybeware like Muscle Replacement or Bone Lacing. The cyberlimb isn't a cybernetic enhancement that enhances a flesh and blood part of the body, it's an entirely separate machine that has it's own set stats apart from the non cyberlimbed body. It even has it's own method for enhancing the cyberlimb stats, from customized cyberlimbs to cyberlimb enhancements (both on page 343).

With cyberlimb customization the maximum attribute is equal to your natural maximum attribute (6 for a normal human). With Cyberlimb Enhancements, which is less expensive but takes up capacity/space, you can get up to your augmented maximum (9 for a normal human). Anything with attributes over that simply cannot be supported by the creature's physical frame and biology.

If you look on page 343 right below the part quoted by Egon you'll see the following.
Originally Posted by SR4-20thAn
Cyberlimbs cannot hold any bioware, or any cyber-implants that take up essence rather than Capacity.

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