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Create-A-Villain Contest Submissions

Create-A-Villain Contest Submissions

Post links to your created character sheets for the Create-A-Villain Contest here!

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by Chaos_Space_Marine

Algol the Unforgiving
by Alnair the Bright

by cj8797

by Lord Fhalkyn

Ivar Helgen
by Solo

by M_78

The Grey Shadow
by Erico

Princess Sarah
by Cyber_Goddess

Vertasi the Snake, The Pirate Queen, Lady of Liars
by Shadow Elf

Kabuto, Lord of War
by Chaos Emerald

Lael of the Shaded Woods
by The Stranger

Livia / Aife / Diomitia
by Vladim

Father Adrian Kanthus/ Whysper
by Monkster

The Mesmotoad, Ruthless Leader of Evil Evilness
by AzraelLOD

Kevil Silkenstar
by FeroFFS

The Prince of Filth
by vincens

Varim, Chosen of Kolithuss
by Experiment 1337

Devorah Fe
by chaon

Alana Thornton
by fenrirlokison

Bladestorm, the Reluctant Fury
by Kothardarastrix

Marten Sanarovere, Doomsayer
by TheFred

Fiches Lingness
by wingates27

by 20jellis

Joon Yorj-Owens: Famed Dungeon-Delver and Hero of Legend!
by Ditto

Chaos_Space_Marine's Entry

Here is my villain, Sindri (used the dude's name that I used on my Myth-Weaver's profile, b/c I couldn't think of a cooler sounding name for this character). He is an ambitious, power hungry assassin who was granted vampirism by a powerful lich. He is the head of an expansive underworld organization plotting to overthrow the current power structure to create what is essentially a paradise for evil or at least CN aligned PCs!

Photograph and minature painting by Chaos_Space_Marine

Field Marshall of the Undead Horde

As a young and powerful Paladin, Caex accompanied the silver dragon Kuulvaysheniruss (Draconomicon) on many adventures. Along with Sunathaer the Dracolyte and Gix the Dragon Disciple (his secret love), they led a lengthy crusade against the undead. They were so successful that they gained the attention of an undead demon called Tenebrous. Misled by his overconfidence, they went to the abyss to face the demon on his home plane, planning to destroy him permanently. They were overmatched and were nearly wiped out. He sacrificed himself to allow the others to escape. In so doing, he swore to serve the undead demon. He willingly became a Blackguard and a Death Knight, changing his name to Algol. Then he discovered the demon was truly Orcus, the demon prince of the undead. Orcus placed Algol's skull atop the artifact Wand of Orcus.

Now, he seeks the Sword of Kas to destroy the Wand of Orcus and reclaim his soul.

Paladin 10/ Blackguard 10/ Death Knight D & D 3.5e

Ata'halne and the Cult of Renewal

Here is the link for Ata'halne the leader of the Cult of Renewal.

His story begins with his creation by a powerful Mythic Bodythief known only as Father. Since his rebirth, Ata'halne has followed the will of Father in every aspect with his most recent task being the destruction of a thriving trade city on the border of his forest. Ata'halne is not a creature of undeath. Instead, he is one created by the powers of nature to restore the world to its original state. With the support of the natural world, Ata'halne's ambitions could stop simply at the destruction of this single town, or this could be but the first step on his journey towards the reclamation of the world through the destruction of all civilization.

Ata'halne uses the Pathfinder system. His complete background can be found in the Other Notes section of the character sheet. All other spoilers are also contained on sections of his sheets throughout. I figured it would be easier to read in this format though.

"Do you believe names define us? I do. I believe that names give us our purpose in life. Once I was known as Relentless, for that is what I was. Now that time has passed. I am now Omega, for I do not serve as the Harbinger of the end- I am the end."
-Omega, introducing himself to an unfortunate band of would-be heroes

Omega was initially built as the end villain of my final 4e campaign (set in Eberron.) His background, allies, and motives are thus all built around Eberron, but with a little work, he could be dropped into any setting.
In the original game, he was a level 30 Solo (with a seriously upgraded level 36 Solo form that Mythweaver's sheets would be unable to handle), but here, he's been built as a PC.

Ivar Helgen
Class: Sorcerer
Level 12
System: D&D 3.5e
Suggested party level: 10-14

"There's only one path to happiness in life, and that is to be true to yourself at all times. Well, I'm a battle mage; always have been, always will be. I only feel alive when the stakes are high and it's kill or be killed. If the army won't have me, then I guess I'll have to find a market for my talents elsewhere."
-Chief Warrant Officer Ivar Helgen, formerly of the Royal Grenadier Guards

What is a warrior without a war?

Not all army mages adjust well to peace time. Whereas wizards may simply relearn their spells with a day's, sorcerers are far less flexible with their spells known. Ivar felt the pain of a specialization as a battlefield control and combat mage who found himself discharged during a period of peace.

His peers welcomed a chance to return to a comfortable life, but Ivar found peace boring. There was simply nothing for him to do all day, except collect pension checks and maybe serve as a bodyguard, a far cry from the excitement, glory, and camaraderie he was used to in the army.

It was not long before he obtained a bounty hunting licence and hunted criminals and monsters in a desperate attempt to avoid stagnation, even if it meant stamping out a tribe of lowly kobolds rather than infantry platoons like in the old days. It sustained him for a while, but the bounties eventually dried up and Ivar was left back where he started.

Bodyguarding was the only legitimate employment for a man of his talents, but babysitting boorish nobles and greedy merchants was utterly tedious; no one ever tried to assassinate them, at least not while Ivar was on hand. There really was no other legitimate way for him to make a living.

Unfortunately, there is always a market for men who have great power in the seedy underbelly of society, and when faced with a choice between a lifetime of boredom or a return to his old career of fighting and killing, Ivar chose the latter. His first act was to collect a bounty placed on his then employer, the Marquis of Stillwater. Ivar laughed as he saw the old man's blood splatter across the walls of his manor, for he had found his calling in life.

Character Sheet.

Not all villains are leaders, some are just those who stand out in your mind as always appearing when you are low on resources, down to your last few hit points and dreading the final encounter of a dungeon... And then these little guys show up. With his Armoured Coat of Adamantine and sneak attack damage, I think I've captured the nastiness of these particular little terrors that have plagued the nightmares of many gamers for ages. Beware of (or use) them in the classic groups of three because of flanking Sneak Attack Damage.

It was almost unnaturally dark in the castle. Duke Markus deParvalis, the Princess Bellinda's noble suitor, lay restlessly in bed. He'd seen to the extermination of yet another upstart Cult of the hated Asmodeus. He'd lost a few good men to their vile summons, but all had been put down and their heretical library burned to cinders atop their corpses. Mitra had been vindicated yet again... so why did his sleep flee from him?

A door creaked somewhere down the hall from his room. The wind buffeted his windows and clouds scudding across the night sky. He rang his little silver bell at his bedside, summoning his servants. None came. Perhaps the wind outside was muffling the bell's clarion ring... He sighed. He was a good master and did not often make demands of his servants this late at night, so he rose, girded his nightgown about him and tiredly stalked into the hall.

There was a dim light coming from his study down the hall, the door ever so slightly ajar.

He stumped to the door and opened it, a strange sight revealing itself as he did. A servant sat at his desk, a hooded lamp on the table behind a stack of books so that the light illuminated only the shelves behind the servant and the desktop.

Markus sighed and walked over to the young woman slumped in sleep, placing his hand upon her shoulder he shook her gently to wake her. She slid limply to the ground, her head lolling at a weird angle. Still sleepy, and completely confused, Markus lifted the lantern to splash light upon her form, only then did he see the glint of red running down her throat and staining her clothes, plastering her nightgown to her comely chest.

It took a second for the sight to register. She was dead, murdered in his own castle. He inhaled to sound the alarm, but his cry never came, all he got was a pain in his left side. His hand went there and he felt the cold steel of a blade being withdrawn and the warm sticky liquid of his life leaking out. He staggered forward, leaning upon the desk. As he turned, he coughed, blood spraying his desk.

The last thing he saw was a short green lizard-man with glowing yellow eyes, Kobold was it?, wiping it's knife on the slain servant girl. It saw him looking at it as his life fled and it simply said, "Doink." He reached out weakly towards the green Kobold, but slipped forward with a gurgling cough of blood to lie still.

That morning the guard raised the alarm, but it was more a dirge than a true alarm. Most of the Servants had been slain in the night, with the women numbering most of the dead. The Duke was also slain and the murderer was nowhere to be found... only a hooded lamp marked the site of the last murder. It rested upon the desk in the study, illuminating the scene of greatest loss... The duke lay sprawled across the nearly beheaded corpse of his chambermaid.
Tib-Tib has been in the service of the Cardinal since almost the beginning of his life. Captured as an egg and trained from hatching in the ways of stealth, Tib-Tib is almost impossibly brilliant for his species and takes immense pleasure in a job well done. He calls his Custom Dagger his Chef's Knife... a strange tradition of his people's order of assassins whispered to be called Tonberries.

The Grey Shadow

"Anything worth worth doing with Style."
-The Grey Shadow

The Grey Shadow

System: D&D 3.5
Class: Monster 7, Assassin 5
Sources Used: DMG, Monster Manual, Magic Item Compendium, Spell Compendium

A threat who stalks the night, the Grey Shadow is meant to act as a villain for an adventuring party through levels 2-10, with the final showdown occurring at around Level 8 or 9.

The Grey Shadow is a villain I came up with back in 2004, when I was working on my first "Real" novel. He was the final antagonist in a story about a young Sorceror's first journey of self-discovery, which you can read in the link below. 11 years later, he remains one of the most menacing beasties I ever drafted up, and it wasn't because he's an unstoppable force or a high level terror that you never get to face or want to face, it was because of his sheer presence and awesomeness. You want to fight the Grey Shadow. Your players, if you use him right, will WANT to take him down. They'll have a devil of a time doing it if you do it right, though. The Grey Shadow CAN be just have to be very prepared, or very lucky to do so. And you have to keep him from running away.

Credit for his original sketchwork a decade ago goes to Myth Weavers member Blueshaine.
Credit for the Shadow's current visual incarnation goes to Oldkingkoal, another Myth Weavers member.
Final Author's Notes

The Grey Shadow's Literary Debut

"There are two types of villains that are nightmares for Paladins. Those who aren't acting of their own free will, and those who are in legit positions of authority. Sarah is both." - Unknown

A friend and ally to the Player Characters, Princess Sarah is a villain that targets and fights the Player Character's in a unique way, targeting that which is arguably most valuable to them. Their desire for loot. She will corrupt, bribe, and work her way to the top, dragging the Player Character's along with her.

By: juanmontoya
Created: 2008-08-10

Build: Ranger 7/Leviathan Hunter 5

Vertasi the Snake
The Pirate Queen, Lady of Liars

Image by Noa Ikeda (DeviantART / Cuded Gallery)
At A Glance
Name: Vertasi the Snake
Or Bandit, if you don't have a nautical campaign
Pirate Queen, Lady of Liars
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Swashbuckler (Corsair) 11
Height: 5'7"
Weight: Never Ask a Lady Her Weight
Hair: Fire Red
Eyes: Brown

Character Sheet Link

Game System: Pathfinder
Suggested Party Levels: 6-10



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