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Looking for GM for Fates Worse Than Death

Looking for GM for Fates Worse Than Death

I had an urge to play a dark but non-standard cyberpunk game recently. Or at least a decent urban fantasy.
So of course, I thought about the best cyberpunk game I know of. Namely, I'm talking about Fates Worse Than Death.
Problem is, I've run a few campaigns of it for my home group already. Now I want to play it!
So, of course, I thought about MW. I can't be the only fan of new-wave cyberpunk here, can I?
Besides, I think FWTD would work exceedingly well for solo play. And solo games with only one player and one GM are among the best options for PbP. So it was a match made in hel...hea...in my mind!

(For those of you that don't know Fates Worse Than Death: here's a page from the book explaining what are the differences with "classical" cyberpunk. Well, it's a two-column comparison in the book, but that's the limit of my formatting ability when writing on forums - I'm better with a word processor).

What would I want to play?

Besides, the game with the best online support, bar none? It's gotta be FWTD. Want an NPC generated? There's a random generator on the site. Want a random building, complete with inhabitants? There's one for those, too. Want a random city block? There's this generator, too!
And then there's an interactive city map showing you gang turf, and a test you can take to find out which gang you should be in. All on the author's website, for free.
(Check the drop menu for FWTD).
And let's not forget, there are introductory videos for the game, not to mention free inspirational music!

...or, as I said, I'd gladly play a good urban fantasy game. Thing is, that reminds me of Hoodoo Blues! Can you say "conflict between ancient enemies in the American South spanning a century"?
Yeah, sounds good to me. Sign me up for this, too.
Incidentally, the game is on the same site. I guess I like the author's approach to settings.

And while we're at it...how about someone being willing to run Tibet instead? "In 1950s Tibet, everything is dangerous, even the quest for enlightenment."
Sounds like an area with rich gaming potential to me!

Okay I'm reading this, and I'm rather interested even though I don't know the system, but I have just one question.

Seeing how the "FWTD" file, seems FAR more idealistic and "Post-Cyberpunk" almost compared to the "Cyberpunk" folder...

...Why is it called "Fates Worse Than Death"? Compared to Shadowrun, this setting sounds downright sunny.

Yes, its neocyberpunk.
No, it's not sunny. I've played and run Shadowrun. Believe me, they're just different ways to explore the same darkness, and it can well be argued which one is darker.
The answer to your question, though, is literally on the previous page compared to the one I quoted. I'll just quote it as well, it's in-setting fiction.
“And to those of you out there who would rather have everyone in the city be a bunch of mindless frightened little shut-ins who blow all our money on VR, alcohol and rent, who vote for whoever runs the most commercials and who let the criminals take whatever they want as long as they don’t kill us, I’ve got a special message for you:
Forget it. There’s thousands of us. We’re organized and decentralized. Nobody tells us what to do or what to want. We push every boundary we can think of looking for ways to become better. We’re working with a couple centuries experience dealing with the worst that the urban world has to offer. And we’re not afraid of anything you can throw at us because the worst fate we can possibly imagine is being like you.”

Later in the book, there is a list of the 10 worst ways to die, where the number one worst is more or less "being like everyone else for all of your life".

So yeah, that's why it's named Fates Worse Than Death.

You see the more you explain it the more it just makes me think "Saints Row: The Third."

Maybe that's just the fact I've been playing it recently, but in all honesty...it seems like that kind of game.

It's probably because you have been playing it recently, and because you haven't actually read FWTD. It is an open world style of game, granted, but lighthearted is the exact opposite of what the game is about, unlike Saints Row.

Then again, this probably just comes to show that we're not a good fit for games, since most of our ideas about the world would clash and lead to constant miscommunications.

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