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been looking around at armor for gladiators, found a few homebrew's that to me seem a bit op, was wondering if their was any book or sites floating around that might help.

heres my suggested stats for 3.5e
Gladiator Armor (light)
AC bonus +4 with or without helm
Max Dex Bonus +6
Armor Check Pen -2
Spell Failure 30%
Speed 30/30
Weight 25lbs
Cost 300 gold based on uncommon crafting practices

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You missed a very critical point of information, is that light or medium? Stats would suggest light, but it doesn't actually say. Max Dex, weight and spell failure all seem high, as does cost.

Actually, I'd probably have gladiator armor be a modification of standard armor. Quick and dirty mods: -2 AC, +2 Dex modifier, Armor check penalty reduced by 2, -10% spell failure, -25% weight. Medium gladiator armor counts as light, heavy gladiator armor counts as medium +2 circumstance bonus to Intimidate or Perform: Stage Combat
Cost x2 or +50gp, whichever is greater.

A +4 Armor with +6 Max Dex is off unless you are paying for Mithril Chain Shirt costs for standard armor practices. Granting that at a cheaper cost with more availability is just off. As that's essentially, a 1100 gp suit with extra weight and ACP for 800 gp cheaper.

I would roll with +3 AC, + 6 Max Dex, -2 ACP, 20 lbs weight, -10 Spell Failure, 100 GP for the Light.

+5 AC, + 4 Max Dex, -4 ACP, 30 lbs weight, -20 Spell Failure, 400 GP for the Medium.

Something between your Chain Shirt and Chain Mail/Breastplate options to give you a range of options between Leather and Full Plate for your gladiators. Expensive, crafted for valuable slaves armor that allows for near full range of movement, without going over the top into the "Must be made of Mithril!" range.

Its light armor, says it on the side of the name

and I went with the idea of a chain shirt for some of the stats, though unlike a chain shirt which would be top heavy, the posted gladiator armor's weight is distributed throughout the body. that's why I upped the max dex modifiers

also the cost goes to the idea that its a metal suit of armor that would require skilled craftsmanship and many pieces. (so increasing the cost might work aswell, originally was gonna go with 450 gold)

Theirs a homebrew armor called Arm Guard that I was looking at but the +3 seemed a bit high for something that was just on one arm, so I modified that adding the greaves, bracers, and even possibly the helm. the high spell failure is due to the fact of the armor being almost medium (except for the fact its missing the fillers) but a 30% might be a bit high, 25% would probably fit it better

however the idea of just going with a -2ac to a typical suit isn't a bad idea either, and not sure if im looking for medium and heavy sets, the picture posted I think would best fit as light armor.

so maybe droping the +6 to a +5 would help justify that suit of mithril, but that armor is mainly for casters and rouges anyway. those who care about chek pens and spell fails

It's your game, can do what you want, but giving out a suped up Chain Shirt, arguably the best option of armor short of Full Plate in the game that is effectively Mithril for the purposes of AC/Dex bonus at the low cost of 800 gp less than a Mithril version is imbalanced.

Perform: Stage Combat, where is this located. I was planning on doing something with crowd reaction modifiers based on certain weapon sets used.

yeah but its not really supped up, its just modified. as for your argument with the mithril, that also has a 10% spell fail, no armor check pens and weighs like 10 pounds

I spread the weight around to increase its agility and increased spell failure do to the weight now encompassing the entire body

cant see it having a +3 to ac, that would be like wearing a suit of studded leather. but that might be a bit more sound. hence why I posted it here

compared to the other pic I posted, hmmm


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