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Blood for Gold Recruiting Sellsails!

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Blood for Gold Recruiting Sellsails!

Blood for Gold - Forum
Song of Ice and Fire - Westeros

Blood for Gold is looking for a few good sellsails! The game has been running successfully since March, but since then we've lost a couple of players and we'd like to fill a couple spots.

About the Game - Blood for Gold is a game set in the world of A Song of Ice and Fire, more specifically in Essos just before the War of Ninepenny Kings. In Blood for Gold, the players take on the roles of a fledgeling sellsail company that has recently taken a contract from the Archon of Tyrosh to fight against his enemies that are massing within the Stepstones. This game uses Green Ronin's ASOIAF RPG.

Roles Needed - We need a few specific roles filled. The first is a Camp Healer. This character would be in charge of the company's wounded. But, as a sellsail, he should know his way around the battlefield as well. Other potential roles include naval captains, war generals, camp stewards, etc.

Your applications - Inquires and statements of interest can be posted to this thread, while applications should be posted within the game forum under the thread 'New Applications.' I will be accepting applications depending on the concepts and how they fit the game. I would like at least 2 new players, but I may consider up to 4 depending on the quality of applications received.

Thank you for your interest in advance.


Game Description:

Men that sell their swords do so for more reasons than stars in the night's sky. In Essos sellsword companies are common place, fighting the wars of the Free Cities and other City-States against each other and interlopers from beyond the Disputed Lands. The Band of Nine have grown in influence as of late and their wars have seen the rise of sellswords and the making of new men wishing to try their luck as a professional soldier. War is spreading; this is an opportune time for a man to make his fortune on the blood of others.

Your sellsword company is young but eager. Many of your men have yet to be bloodied in the field, but that will not last long with the current climate all about you. Whatever your reasons the time for glory is at hand.

GM's NOTE: This game will use a slightly modified version of A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying: Game of Thrones Edition. These changes will specifically support building your own sellsword company.

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I have some interest. I am on vacation for the next week without my book, but I will try to put something together before then.

Greetings Knightmerc,

Thank you for showing interest! Is there anything in particular you're interested in playing or did you have any questions?

Hey Tet, I'll whip something up here. Might retool a previous character from a game that died too soon :P

You have etc. under roles. What are all of the missing roles?

Hey Arasaadi and knightmerc!

Unsure about roles really... most of us have some form of specialization or such, but it's more about personalities at this point; though if we wanted to be optimal we've a serious 'lack of' (read nothing there) in Healing, Languages and Knowledge Department, things which are proving to be something of a crimp in our style given that in the first (or was it second?) combat of the game two guys got wounded, one seriously and one nearly dead!

We really do need a camp healer. It would fit into the story immediately. Of course, that doesn't mean you're worthless at everything else.

Other roles could include ships' captains, leaders of various warfare unit types, or something you come up with on your own. I'm fairly flexible.

I had wanted to finally use my dancing dorne swordmistress, but she isn't very good at healing as it is now. Maybe I'll move some things around and get you guys a medic :P

Check the character creation rules, I think your Dorne gal has Fighting 5 - which is not allowed in this game.

Rules can be found here.

Thanks Aegor. I'd like to stay away from Westerosi characters at this point. We already had two apart of the sellsword company (one currently).

Originally Posted by tetnak View Post
Thanks Aegor. I'd like to stay away from Westerosi characters at this point. We already had two apart of the sellsword company (one currently).
Well the idea was Dorne because that was closer to Braavos than the rest of westeros. Bravosi would be even better, concept-wise, so that's not a problem. Also, she has fighting 4 (although has animal companion so gets 1D fighting when it's around, iirc. If that's too much, it can be changed quick enough. She has Agility 5 though, and 5B in Accrobatics, for a ridiculously high Combat Defense when using acrobatic defense (27 in her current iteration, while taking actions to get it so high). Might be a bit much though, especially if there's a hard cap on Fighting at 4 (max roll of 24).


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