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Creating a Character

Creating a Character

Everything you need to know for character creation should be found here. If I missed something, ask in the OOC thread and I'll update this post so that others don't run into the same problems.

If something comes up that I am denying, I will post it here so that everyone is on the same page.

Aquatic templated anything



Vow of Poverty
Touch of Healing


Character Level
Everyone will be starting at level 5, which means that you WILL have an additional +1 to the attribute of your choice from fourth level.

I won't outright say no to anything, but be aware that my world setting is largely human and elven. Just about anything associated with a dragon is going to be out. Half-elves have the option at level 1 to take either an additional feat OR the +1 skill point per level, whichever they prefer.

Base and Prestige Classes
I'm not going to outright deny anything, but anything outside of the PHB or DMG needs approval. Please link me to an online source that has the class or prestige class you're considering so that I can make a judgement call on it. The more 'out there' the class is, the more I expect it to be tied very heavily into background and character history. Use class features and prestige classes to help flavor the character and not the other way around. I'm not a fan of named statblocks.

Good alignments are auto approved. Neutral alignments are okay, but you need to have a solid reason for interacting with the party in a positive way. Evil alignments will be carefully scrutinized and aren't likely to get in, though I have been pleasantly surprised before.

50 point buy OR roll 4d6, reroll 1's, then drop the lowest for all six stats (4d6r1). You can redo the rolls up to two times, but if you reroll, you scrap your previous numbers. If you don't have something you want to keep by your third set, you may either keep the third set or revert to point buy.

You will get a feat per level instead of every third level. This will replace the usual feat system from the book. I feel that it allows characters to be more diversified when it comes to doing what makes them special without shifting the power level of the game too much. I reserve the right to veto any feat at any time for any reason. If it's not out of the PHB, please ask before getting your hopes set on a character build that I'm going to throw out.

Hit Die
Your first level for hit die is maxed, as per basic character creation. For hit die that are rolled for your other levels, I use a basic mulligan system. If you do not like your first roll, you may roll again at a -1. If you choose to reroll again, it is at a -2 and so on. Keep in mind that eventually it will not be worth the risk of rerolling; sometimes the RNG just wants to make you easier to kill. You cannot go back to a previous roll once you choose to reroll, so think carefully before choosing to do so.

Spot and Listen are given as in class skills for everyone, regardless of class. You may buy them at the usual 1-1 ranking.

If you have at least 5 ranks in healing, you can use the skill once per character per day to restore lost hitpoints at a rate of 1 HP per anything in excess of 10 on your check. For example, if you have 5 ranks and roll an 18, you would have a total of 23, restoring 13 hit points to that person. Using this skill requires health kits, which can be purchased for 50gp and have a total of 5 uses per kit. CLARIFICATION: each character can only have 1 of these checks used on them per day, so even if more than one character can do this, each person only gets one heal a day.

Characters will have 15,000 gold to spend on equipment. Assume that you already have basic traveling gear such as bedrolls, packs, rations, clothes, etc. No single item you buy can exceed 5,000 gold. Spread it out a bit.

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