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Feature request: style toggle

Feature request: style toggle

i would like to request an ability to set a default style for posting. Ideally if there could be a button in the text window toolbar that inserts the opening tags when you click it and then inserts the closing tags when you Unclick it.

For example, if I set my default style to bold, Arial and blue with my account then I click the button it puts in [B][FONT="Arial"][COLOR="Blue"] wherever the cursor is and then after typing some text I unclick it and it puts the closing tags in the appropriate order.

I realize that I spend a good amount of time formatting the post after I type it, and this would be a nifty time saver, doubly so when posting from tablet instead of a real keyboard.

Thank you

Perhaps while at it the best would be to have three buttons.

One "Speak", one "Thoughts" and one "General" (or something more appropriate) and then you just toggle between them depending on what you are currently writing. Or you can simply choose to not activate any of them.

I've started writing this and... it's way more complicated than I thought

I've got a demo of a macro builder here: http://www.myth-weavers.com/labs/macro/ It requires you to enter the tags individually and validates them then nests them itself to prevent you from being able to make a broken macro. Saving back to the db is easy, but getting these into the editor and having them work will take some time.

open a word document (or similar file) to copy premade formats to and from, then when you post, just copy-paste-and fill

that might help you with simplifying your detailed posts

That doesn't work that well when posting from a phone were things like copy-pasting is a bitch.


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