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Tips for Running an Exalted Game

Tips for Running an Exalted Game

Old PostI seem to be the only ST for Exalted on the site right now, but I've noticed that the player base is quite large. The problem lies not with players, but with people taking on the task of becoming a Story Teller. In an effort to increase my own kind, I'm putting up suggestions here for future STs.
New PostThe ST are multiplying. I ask this favor of you, if you use material from this thread, post a link to it and help propagate the Story Teller Super Race!

I will work to put url or quote links behind every suggestion so you can see where these ideas came from.

Personally I would drop "Contacts" from the list of forbidden backgrounds and substitute "Mentor" in it's place. The fact that the PC knows a Lunar who knows a Sidereal won't derail the game and may well provide some useful hooks. That fact that Mr. Miyagi has taken a personal interest in the Dawn Solar's training and gets grumpy when the Dawn isn't around is more likely to be problematic.

I would also add, you can get by without the discreet essence armor if you take the "just like armor" resistance charms such as Iron Kettle Body.

Yeah, that last one is just one of those things that either you work it out with each player before they make their characters (works best in RL versions but) to gurantee that it won't be gamebreaking.

Even Mentor isn't a problem if you've worked out beforehand why said mentor isn't always 'up in their business'.

Added links/quotes for most everything.

New toolkit added, Anathema. Helpful for making PDF files of your character sheet. A much nicer look than Ed's Exalted, but a worse generator.

Added a running games section

This makes me want to play in an Exalted game.

No! Bad Rejakor! You don't have time to learn a new system!

Funnily enough, you could quite easily run an Exalted game using an alternate system. I'm running an RL Exalted game using Wushu rules, and it's going quite well.

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