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Crusader of Wee Jas

Advice: Crusader of Wee Jas?

Hello there!

Not sure how many people will be au fait with with AD&D 2nd and Spells and Magic but I was recently told about the Ruby Knight Vindicator which is a 3rd edition I think class. Discribed thusly:

"The Ruby Knights are a crusader order in the service of Wee Jas, goddess of death and magic."

In 2nd edition we have Crusaders as a class which allows for some customisation options in the Players Option: Spells and Magic book.

So how would you go about making a Wee Jas Crusader?

When I looked I thought:

Wee Jas has the following spheres for speciality priests
Major: All, Astral, Charm, Divination, Elemental (all), Guardian, Healing, Law, Necromantic, Protection, Summoning, Thought, Time
Combat, sun, wards

Crusaders normally have:
major: all, combat, guardian, healing, war, wards
minor: necromantic, protection, Law

So I was thinking things along the lines of:
Lower combat, war and wards to minor access as they are minor to speciality priests
Promote necromancy and law to Major as these are two of her most important spheres
Look at adding things like charm, divination, elemental, and summoning as minor spheres to be more magic orientated?
Reduce THAC0 advancement back down to Priest levels because she is more magic orientated than combat
Add the behaviour limitation because she doesn't allow you to raise dead unless you Commune with her to get permission

Are you trying to adapt this for AD&D or for 3E or something else?

Looks like AD&D to me.

Charm seems a bit odd for Wee Jas, but it is official, so...

Without actually looking up what spells are in each sphere, my gut feel is to add minor Divination, Summoning and maybe Astral?

I suspect that Charm for Wee Jas is more doing things like Hold Person? That sort of deal

sorry about link: clinically blind so I make many mistakes!

The Crusader class is the Crusader Class, no matter the deity. The class does not get modified around the deity. That is what the Specialty Priests of Wee Jas is for.

I can certainly accept "play a normal Crusader and say it is a Ruby Knight of Wee Jas" as an answer for your games! In fact it's what I normally would have gone for had it not been for finding it in Skills and Powers and wanting to make a topic about different ideas for it.

But the Crusader Class is listed for a god of war, combat, or conflict, not just any deity. In Skills and Magic it includes the Crusader class and also gives info for customisation to Priests including Crusaders. Here there are all sorts of ways to build a Priest archetype from scratch! Such as the Ruby Knight.

Building a Crusader for Wee Jas would seem to to favour either some sort of necromantic based Crusader or magic Crusader?

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