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Spirit Characters?

Spirit Characters?

I was wondering if it would be a good idea to have a spirit as playable character in a WtF game. In the lore, the totem spirit is considered part of the pack and aids a pack in everything from combat to recon to knowledge of the world.

But would it be fun to play as?

Not impossible, but unlikely; and it'd depend on the spirit type.
A spirit is terribly single-minded on its purpose; so much that a D&D Dwarf would pass for a creative genius.
A Fear Spirit's purpose is to afraid others.
"Hello, how are you?" "FEAR ME!!!"
"What colour is the sky?" "BE AFRAID!!!"

Spirits have bans not to (only) weaken them but because that's what they are (or not). A Fire Spirit ban could be to not cross water not because it'd be too powerful, but because fire just can't do that. An Elephant Spirit ban could be to not jump, because elephants don't jump.

Perhaps an Ancestor Spirit could be more playable long-term, if we think they were once part-mortal werewolves. But even then, they'd perceive and judge everything around them as per what made them an Ancestor Spirit. An ancient warrior or shaman might manage to get along with the pack in their day-to-day activities, perhaps showing impatience before mundane tasks like washing dishes or painting the fence. But they would interact very poorly (and dangerously!) to normal humans.

In short, I think in the best scenario such a character would be as alien to werewolves as werewolves are alien to humans...

Yes, and for most spirits that would be true. However, stronger spirits can be significantly more complex. Especially if they have more than one aspect. Creeping-terror-of-darkness is likely to be quite different from Burden-of-debts. Both spirits control and feed off of fear, but one from fear of the dark and the other fear of debt collectors.

I would imagine both spirits having quite different wants, needs, and bans. Also very different spheres of influence. Debt would be more at home in urban environments and probably have allies among greed and information spirits while darkness would have more influence with murder and predator spirits. Just my two cents.

It's possible, though you may have to bend some rules. Consider what kind of adventures PC Spirits can have, and you might gain more concrete an idea of what's needed to perfect the splat.

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