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Salvage Crew in Need of Recruits!

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Salvage Crew in Need of Recruits!

Routine Salvage - Forum
Stars Without Number

"So, you're looking to join the salvage teams? Crew pay is five credits a day, which goes up to ten if you live long enough to become a crew boss. Crew makes two percent of the value of a piece of salvage, and crew bosses make five percent. If you have exosuit training, there's a bonus of a credit per day. If you have any psionic powers that are beneficial to the operation, that is also a one credit per day bonus. All pay is delivered at the end of every month. You're still interested? Just wait, we haven't even gotten to the good part.

You are responsible for the upkeep of your equipment. If you don't know how to do it you'd best hope someone on the crew can, and hopefully they don't hate you. Crews are allotted a hundred credits a month to cover repairs for their salvage vessel and equipment. If you exceed the budget, it comes out of the crew's monthly pay.

Still with me? All right, last bit. If you accept this position, you signal your acceptance that the operation may not be held responsible for injuries both minor and major, such as loss of limbs, hypothermia, or exposure to vacuum. If you are killed on the job, your dependents will receive a one-time payout of fifty credits. You still want the job? Figures, there are always plenty of crazy ones ready to go and try to make a fortune. Sign here, here, and here."

There is a free version of the Stars Without Number book from the publishers, available from RPGNow.

Stars Without Number is set six hundred years after a golden age of human civilization. Humanity spanned the stars, and use of the spike drive allowed ships to bend space and tunnel between systems. Decades of exposure to energies caused by the travel led to the emergence of "Metadimensional Extroversion Syndrome," or MES for short, in later generations, granting them fantastic powers. Unfortunately the use of powers drove the users mad or burned up their minds, killing them.

Through decades of research MES was better understood and psychic academies were created, helping psychics come into their powers without death or insanity. Only about one in ten thousand was a psychic, but the use of large groups of psychics resulted in a technological leap. Fantastical technology emerged, operated by lone or teams of psychics. One of the most significant impacts was the jump gate, which allowed instantaneous transit of a ship to any other system with a gate. The use of spike drives fell to the wayside, until eventually only a handful of ships with the drive remained, used only on the very edges of the human frontier.

Then it all collapsed. A metadimensional pulse surged through all of known human space, and every psychic was driven insane or killed by the energy. Worlds were cut off, with some dying off while others regressed, some all the way to the stone age. Six hundred years have passed, and those worlds that survived and held on to what technology they could are just starting to claw their way back to the stars, ready to explore what is left of the human empire.

Character Creation Information
Characters will be fresh additions to a newly formed orbital salvage crew that is short five bodies, looking to make a fortune and ideally avoid being injured or killed in the process. It's hard to get paid if you're dead.

Players Needed: 3
Post Frequency: Preferably once per week, though we can do more if everyone is posting quickly.
Starting Level: 1
Ability Scores: 3d6 six times, roll two sets and choose one. Remember that you can shift points from any score over 13 to raise any other attribute up to 8 on a 1:1 exchange. Ability scores may be placed in any order.
Starting Wealth: 400+(1d6*100) credits
Starting Equipment: TL3 or lower (21st Century, not 20th). All players will be issued a vacc suit. Weapons (excluding knives) are prohibited on the salvage crews. Character backgrounds may allow smuggling smaller weapons into orbit, to be determined on a case by case basis. Want equipment that's not in the book? We can discuss it, the system is designed to be expanded upon easily.
Hit Points: Characters will start with maximum hit points; the game is lethal enough without worrying about starting with 1 HP.
Allowed Sources: Core book, Mandate Archives
Player Caste: Players should choose a caste from which they came to join a salvage crew. Available castes are Mining, Agricultural, Industrial, or Planetary Security.

Roll dice in the Die Rolling thread, and submit completed applications in the Applications folder. I will make selections for the final party once the ad closes on July 8th.

There is a SWN-specific character sheet in the Myth Weavers Sheets system if you prefer to use sheets!

Game Description:

Elysium. A Gaia world rich in minerals and platinum group metals, the planet attracted the attention of the Gena Mining Corporation and brought a corporate colony ship containing 400 individuals in the year 2663. Within six months a jump gate was constructed at corporate expense to move the riches more rapidly back to the core systems, and visits from ships with a spike drive became increasingly rare. A mere two years into mining, the small population just fully settled onto their planet, the universe came apart in the Scream.

Thanks to the human-friendly biosphere of the planet the colonists were able to dive into agriculture and prevent themselves from being erased, but the lack of scientists led to much lost knowledge. As machines broke and replacement parts rapidly dwindled to nothing, technology regressed backwards to a level equivalent to the end of twentieth century Earth before the colonists were able to halt the slide towards the dark ages. Over the ensuing six centuries the population grew to half a million citizens, and the population shifted to a caste system as distinct focuses emerged.

Six hundred years after the Scream, Elysium society is divided into four castes: Agricultural, Mining, Planetary Security, and Industrial. While there are no restrictions on movement of individuals between castes, a strong sense of family tradition leads most to continue in the professions their family has worked in for centuries. Each caste has its own scientific branch, focused on advances which will benefit its own caste.

Scientists within the Industrial caste have been building rockets for a century to explore the derelicts orbiting the planet, and in the past six months the government decided it is time to begin salvaging what they can from the various vessels. Individuals from all castes have been drawn to high-paying work offered as members of salvage crews. The Industrial caste pays well for intact salvage, and crew members receive a percentage of a salvaged part's worth. This has led to at times aggressive competition between crews, as well as numerous accidents and fatalities caused by lack of attention to detail or poorly maintained equipment.

Rules are important. Know them. Myth-Weavers Site Rules
I've been looking for some good gritty science fiction.

[roll=Set one]3d6z[/roll]
[roll=Set two]3d6z[/roll]

Maybe a dice rolling thread?
No dice rolling in the ad forum thanks

Hmm, I forgot Rigo did that... I'll go make a rolling thread in the App forum, one moment.


Die rolls here

What languages are common on Elysium besides English?

Chronic, you're really looking at just English; the planetary population isn't diverse enough to lead to much more than caste-specific slang. And yes, that means you can make up a few words, so long as they can be understood from context.

Pipster, it is one of the easiest systems I have ever found to learn.

Oh man. I wish I had more time. I love playing SWN. :/

Edit: For those of you who haven't played SWN before, it is a very rules-lite sandbox adventure type RPG. It draws very heavily from old school AD&D and can be incredibly lethal. It is very possible for a 1st level character to be killed with 1 shot from a standard pistol. But it also rewards good role-playing and Colin does a great job with making things interesting (I was one of many in the previous SWN game he ran).

Hmmmmm a post a week is doable... There will be a few times in the next two months where I will be out of contact (I'll be out in the field) but I suppose GM-PCing the character is always an option.

Edit: And I also have the Mandate Archives so I might see about trying out the Martial Arts stuff.

I suddenly forsee a character in the Planetary Security caste...


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