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homebrew rules-light for pbp, critique request

homebrew rules-light for pbp, critique request

I reposted this from the Creative Corner since this forum tends to have more crunchier discussions which I would like to receive input from. Link to the actual pdf is in this post, since I apparently can't upload a file twice.

This system started out as a house rule for the Wushu engine. Over the years I started adding and modifying the system more and more until it became different enough from the original to deserve it's own write-up, and voila here it is. The thing sits at 13 pages of reading. However most of it are optional rules to add more mechanical intricacy and ample examples to illustrate how I imagine this thing to work. It might take some digesting and I appreciate anyone's effort to dig through it. Any feedback, suggestion, or even stylistic comments (especially where rules are unclear or sound ambiguous) are welcome. I hope I can get a test run on this sometime, since it is entirely in alpha still.

Now some may wonder: Why make yet another rules-light system when there are droves of excellent ones already? Aside from "because I can" and "it was fun" there was also this nagging feeling that even among rules light engines, there were few systems who seemed specifically designed for the challenges and needs encountered in play-by-post rpg-ing. These being:

So my system was essentially designed for pbp, and frankly I can't really see it working as well for tabletop (it would get kinda boring methinks). With all that said, I'm not sure if this system is actually "easy." The concept behind the mechanics may take some wrapping-your-head-around, and the more optional rules are added to a challenge, the more complex things can become.

There are still some components that I am working on. PvP is one (no idea here) while the other revolves about filling class roles in a more mechanistic fashion (got some ideas there, but nothing readable yet). Ideas, suggestions, welcome

It seems like a fairly self-contained system, but it's still missing a few elements re: story structure, filling out challenges, etc. As a direct question: what happens when the PCs fail a Challenge? When do PCs die?

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