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Dunn Wright Inn [Tavern, Venza]

Dunn Wright Inn [Tavern, Venza]

This is the official Tavern Thread, for our Living Pathfinder community. This is the in-character role-playing area while we present the actual setting, so interact accordingly! OOC comments go in 'spoiler blocks', and questions or anything else should can be asked in the General Discussion Thread.

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Communal NPCs

If you wish to RP in the tavern and your characters are out adventuring, you may do so with an NPC. Generally this should be to welcome new characters and provide someone to interact with during slow periods, etc. You may create your own NPC, generally either a patron or a staff member or use one of the communal NPCs found in the NPC Thread.

The Dunn Wright Inn is a large enough building that it has been known to house the entire crews of several ships in the same night. Both the rowdy sailors that make up the crews, and the more expensive tastes of captains and their passengers, are catered to by the Inn with a massive lower house and tavern for the crews, and a more luxurious upper house for more refined tastes. The original intent was to capitalize on large gatherings, with the added bonus of a variety of clientele under the same roof. A collection of private meeting rooms exists, where wealthy and not-so-wealthy could meet for... arrangements. Naturally this involved adventurers.

The Common Room of the Lower House (called that for two reasons) is always abustle with activity, especially now. A water taxi filled with crew from one of the ships had pulled up to the waterside doorway, while other crowds had come in from the cityside doors.

The bar tender tonight was a brutish hulk of a half-orc. Grog is a large man, over 6' 5" and has big meaty hands. His arms are bare and display the many scars of battles fought long in the past. His simple clothes cover the rest of his various other scars. He doesn't look happy normally, and takes pains to not smile.

The Common Room itself has a number of middle-room tables for six, but also massive long tables with benches along the walls. There is a very wide stair case on one side, heading up to the Common Inn Rooms and beyond them to the meeting rooms (especially with wealthier types); to get to the richer areas you'd have to pay hefty sums for a room there, or be invited by someone already there.

Old Thread

Arradon Delgaran

Arradon sat down the near empty decanter of wine and frowned slightly. Empty already. He'd been doing little other than drinking and occasionally playing a few notes on his flute these last few weeks. Sighing he nodded towards Marla to get her attention. He scarcely took notice of the small horns protruding from beneath her hair, this stood in stark contrast to his aversion upon first meeting her. Surprising the things you can get used to. He gazed around the common room of the inn. People of many races filled the space, comparatively few of them were elves like himself. Truly surprising.

The sudden appearance of a frantic woman broke his reverie. Muscles instinctively tightened, priming the mechanism that would put a dagger in his hand at a moment's notice. Stonefaced, he listened to her pleas from a distance; her accent gave no question as to her origins. Rorn. There was a place he had not considered for months now. Just bad memories now. He shrugged his hood back on and did his best to look preoccupied with his empty glass.

Leira, Master of Martial Arts

It's been a long week, and my joints are hurting, Leira thought. I guess I should be more careful in the future, she thought inwardly, and letting out a long sigh. "Marla, might I ask for some mead? It's been a rough week." While she waited, she took a good look around. Been awhile since I've time to relax here, she thought, but it's just as nice as always.

Erin Vaneese, Magus Adept

After returning from the wilderness, Erin buries herself in a pair of books. Switching between a tome on the arcane, and one about the planes, she is engrossed, and barely registers around her. As she reaches for her wine glass to drink, she realizes it is completely empty. Sighing, she calls over to Marla. "Ms. Marla, might I have a refill on my wine? Reading is thirsty work." she says with a smile. With a quick flick of her tail, she moves the wine glass away from the books, and near the edge of her table.

Bixby Luch, Ratfolk Rogue for Hire

Bixby looks down. The same weathered planks from whence everyday he leaves his floating ramshackle shed of house, these same planks glare up to him. From beneath the claws of his feet, the same dank, musty smell, of stale seaweed tickles his olfactory sense in the same familiar manor. Bixby is quite used to it by now, and whenever he encounters a similar aroma elsewhere it always reminds him of home, but today no so much. And from this home, he begins to casually walk away hopping from plank to plank. As a little puff, this used to be a game, but now it is just another dull sequence of his days as of late. But this time is a little bit different, this time Bixby is going to the Dunn Wright Inn.

The Luch clan is in quite the disarray, due to the death of Bixby's grandmother, Anita. She gave direction to the clan, a true pillar of strength and knowledge, but most importantly was in charge of running the Luch Alchemy business. Now that she is gone, family in-fighting filled the days and nights, and Bixby has seen enough. For him, it's time to take charge of his own life, and avoid descent into the rat trap called the family business. And as many have done before (and as many will do after) he is going to the famous Venzan tavern, in search of the adventuring life.

It's not hard to miss, with wide cobblestone roads lit by glass lamp-posts to easily guide the way. Bixby stops outside the large wooden door, and grabs the iron handle. Despite it's large stature (especially compared to a ratfolk), it's well-worn hinges carry it's weight quite well as Bixby pushes it open.

Bixby Luch is instantly treated to the warm sights, sounds, and smells of hot food and the clamour of many a customer. He sidles up to the bar, and nimbly hops up to the barstool. The half-orc bartender is standing backwards facing the sink. Standing up to his fullest height and filled with enough confidence to make his grandmother proud, he speaks up. "Excuse me sir, I'd like ta order'n ale please, if y'ill be so kind." Bixby does his best to proffer a smile through his toothy rat snout.

Thorn, Aasimar Cleric

Thorn walks into the Inn and wipes his dirty hands on his pants. He waits for his eyes to adjust from the bright sun and sizes up the room. Not seeing any threats, he goes to a table in the corner, unloads his heavy pack and shield, and sits in a table with his back against the wall. He doesn't say or do much other than sit. His face is grim.

The barkeep comes over eventually "Hey stranger, can I offer you food or lodging?"

Thorn looks at the man and nods "Beer, and food." He puts a purse on the table. The barkeep turns away, knowing that Thorn is not interested in small talk. He returns a while later with the food. "Thanks" says Thorn, and gives a small tip. He eats the food quickly and without any obvious pleasure. He drinks the beer, and then sits back in his chair, watching.

Bixby Luch, Ratfolk Rogue for Hire

Sitting (standing really) at the front bar, Bixby keeps a wary eye on everyone else around. He takes particular note of those who don't seem to be the regular sailor-type. In opposite corners he spots a man in a dark robe, and the newcomer in a faded white one. There seems to be a quite quirky tiefling (yes, definitely a tiefling) at a table, nose deep in a book, and another fair lady, dressed in white at another. Oh, and there is also an older, more esteemed but weathered looking fellow standing in the back somewheres. Bixby shrugs, then takes a deep sip of the bubbly ale in front of him, but it doesn't look like he made a dent in the volume of the mug at all really. There is a bit of foam on his snout, but he doesn't seem to mind.

I wonder when me family will show.

Agiz Luch

The door opens to reveal a small cloaked figure; only the long nose peeking out from deep hood gives any details of the individual inside the worn cloak. He starts to move into the room when the shocker lizard that had been patrolling the room came up to inspect the newest stranger. Fantastic; a bar with exotic pets. At least the place seems clean enough; surprising for the number of tough customers it's rumored to attract. Agiz waits quietly for the lizard to get bored and move on as he looks around the room. A frown crosses his face briefly before being replaced with a neutral expression before he pulls the hood back and moves up to the bar. Sitting down close to the other ratfolk at the bar, he puts some coins down on the bar and orders a quick meal and drink before acknowledging his relative. "I see I am not the only refugee from the family wars." As he speaks, he absentmindedly pulls out a deck of cards and starts looking around for possible partners to play a game with.

Thorn, Aasimar Cleric

"Rats today." Thorn thinks to himself, watching the room without speaking.

Bixby Luch, Ratfolk Rogue for Hire

A smile escapes the mouth under Bixby's snout. He responds to the other ratfolk's voice without turning his head just yet. "Aye. Dreadful business really. High time t'get out wit' our tails'n tact, neh? Glad t'see you've found da place." The smile grows slightly bigger when he sees Agiz's deck of cards make their grand entrance. He whispers under his voice, "Need me t'join? I could play da straight man if ya'd like." A quiet raspy chuckle ensues. "Otherwise I'll jus'sit here an'enjoy me drink."


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