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Mystic Pearl [Arcane Row, Venza]

Mystic Pearl [Arcane Row, Venza]

Venza, City of Glass
Arcane Row
One of the mysteries of E’n is the phenomenon known as Arcane Row. Whether it is a manifestation of the Other World with multiple entrances, a relic of some ancient culture or some other abstruse or unknown explanation one thing is true: Arcane Row appears in some fashion in nearly every major community on E’n.

Arcane Row is filled with an ever-changing array of shops and seemingly mad hawkers selling items exotic and magical, bizarre creatures, and strange apparati. The Row looks different in every city it appears in; in Venza, Arcane Row is approached either through the narrow Meraviglia Street lit by golden glasslights, or Glimmerweed Canal. Shoppers approaching from the canal are greeted by a two foot tall sandstone statue covered in flaking gold leaf and sporting a broad grin of razor sharp teeth. The landing opens up onto a courtyard floored with smooth paving stones and with an elaborately carved well-head in the center. A bewildering array of shops and stands are crammed cheek by jowl along every wall and in the courtyard.

While shops and hawkers fill every side of the Row the main attraction and seemingly the only constant in every wonderful manifestation of Arcane Row is:

The Mystic Pearl
Emporium of the Magical and Bizarre

A tiny storefront demarks the entrance to this store, unassumingly decorated with a collection of dusty oddities in a window of thick paneled glass. Great mottled eggs, a stuffed bird of brilliant hue, a rusty cauldron, and a massive snakeskin are among the bizarre items on display. To those in the know however all that is important is the mark upon the door, that of a golden lamp proclaiming this as a gateway to the premiere magic store on E'n...

Stepping inside you find yourself in a far large space than expected, in fact you can see no end to the rows and rows of shelves all lined with fascinating, but seemingly useless items. Straight ahead you see an oval counter behind which an shriveled old fellow possessed of a long dangling white beard - as if to make up for the lack of hair on his head - stands smiling in welcome. 'Almar Ben Shawari, Proprieter' a brass plaque announces.

"Ah my friend! Welcome to the Mystic Pearl! How can I serve you this day? Please, look over my manifest and see which of my wonders might tickle your fancy and unburden your purse!"

The proprietor exclaims warmly, placing a series of beautifully illuminated lists before you proclaiming his wares.

Once you have decided upon what you want Almar Ben Shawari smiles hugely,

"Ah an excellent choice! I can see I deal with a person with an eye for quality! Let me see that will be..." He scrawls down the items you have selected on a small slateboard with each's price listed and a total below and shows it to you. Once you have paid, stroking his goatee with satisfaction, he produces a small golden bell and calls, "Saleem bring out the order!"

Some minutes pass before a small swarthy boy wearing a mutinous expression appears from amidst the maze of shelving with your items in hand, or particularly heavy or bulky items floating on a translucent disk behind him.

"There you are, enjoy, enjoy. And please always remember the Pearl's money back guarantee - we guarantee we won't give you your money back! Please come again!"
How to Use Arcane Row and the Mystic PearlCharacters can only visit Arcane Row, commission an item, or pick up an item between adventures - barring GM permission. The player posts in this thread stating he buys an item from the inventory and deducts the cost from his gold total. If attempting to buy a magical item below the base value and not in the Pearl’s inventory (items above base value are not available unless in the inventory lists or by commission) the player will need to add the roll to his post. Please use Myth-Weaver's dice roller. If successful, deduct the cost from your characters gold total. With commissioned items post when the item is commissioned and also when the time has passed and the character picks up the item.

Mundane and Masterwork/Core and APG Weapons and Armor, Goods and Services, are available at all times. Items made of special materials and poisons are subject to the 25% rule, see below.

Magic, masterwork and other unusual items can also be sold for full value here. When selling an item, post what it is and its cost. Add that cost to your character’s wealth total. If there is an error a judge will contact you to get it corrected.

Purchasing and Selling ItemsThere is a 25% chance that items below a community’s base value will NOT be able to be found and purchased. Rolls of 1-25 indicate failure to find an item. If you are seeking multiple items of the same type you must roll for each in turn, the first failure means there are no more in stock.

Items above that must be in the Mystic Pearl’s inventory or may be commissioned, see below. Base Values of communities that currently have access to Arcane Row are listed below.

Venza: 16,000 gp
Martna: 4,000 gp
Tritower: 2,000 gp

Commissioning ItemsItems commissioned by a character have a special waiting time before they can be used in Living Pathfinder. The waiting time is triple the length of time required to craft the item. For example, if a +2 Cloak of Resistance was commissioned the player would need to wait 12 real life days before it would be usable in game, since it costs 4,000gp and each 1,000gp requires a day of crafting, assuming the character is able to reach a magic shop. This would mean an expensive item could take months to come, though in game it would likely still arrive faster than its craft time.

To speed that process, a player can spend 1 GMC to bypass 60 real life days in the commissioning of an item. Commissioned items must be paid for in advance.
Special ItemsFrom items of extreme legendary power to simple curiosities, there are items that have some combination of special mechanics and history that set them apart from run of the mill standard equipment pieces. They can be brought into the world by GMs and Judges, and listed here when made available to the public. Any player purchasing these items agrees to note the changes of ownership upon purchase and upon return, should the character 'outgrow' the item. If the player is not a judge with the ability to edit the Mystic Pearl thread, please notify a judge when changes in possession are made. Each item has its own description, mechanics, price and owner entries. When an item is currently owned by a player character, change the owner appropriately and move it to the designated section.

Legacy Thread

Erin Vaneese, Magus Errant

Looking about the shop, Erin spots something she had desired for a long time, ever since running from the old wizards tower. An old worn out ioun stone. Pressing further into the store, she looks for a new blade to replace her old one. She spies a blade much like her own, but made of a beautiful reddish metal. She immediately grabbed it and tested it's balance. Satisfied, she trades in her old blade for the newer one. "As always, a pleasure doing business with you!"

The door to the shop opens, and a radiantly beautiful woman with fair skin and platinum-blonde hair comes in. Her violet eyes open wide in delight as she takes in the many wondrous and peculiar oddments on display, and she goes from case to case, openly ogling each of them. After some time of this, she finally arrives at the counter where the proprietor has been keeping an eye on her.

Here she produces a small roll of parchment and gives him a proud, beaming smile.

"I need some things, and people suggested I come here for them. I made a list."

The man behind the counter took the parchment and looked it over. Then he looked her over again.

"You have coin?"

Maia nodded, and gestured to a large man who had entered just after her, and was waiting with somewhat exaggerated patience by the door. He came over and began unloading chests from his backpack.

The proprietor smiled. "I think we have just the things."

(OOC - Maia is buying! +2 mithril chain shirt for 5100. Cloak of Resistance +2 for 4000. Light Crossbow +1 for 2335. Total bill: 11,435gp)

Zinnelis Laediril, Elven Ranger (Level 3)
Mystic Pearl
Round 0

Pouch full of gold from his recent job clearing out Calathil Manor, the elven ranger Zinnelis Laediril walked into the Mystic Pearl. He browsed through the contents of the emporium. Hanging on a wooden mannequin rack was a nice mithril chain shirt. He fingered the fine links of light, silvery metal and then lifted it off the rack.

Zinnelis looked through the weapons and found a magical longbow, but as he tested the pull, he realized it was too weak for his strength. No other bows were available. But there was a nonmagical higher pull rated bow in stock, and it was quite well crafted. Zinn added that to his list as well.

On the walk back to the front of the shop, Zinnelis paused at a jewelry case and examined some of the items there. He pulled out an amulet and added it to his things.

At the counter, Zinnelis added a sheaf of arrows to his order. He spotted a bottle on the shelf behind the counter. “Throw that holy water on here, too,” he said, rubbing his chest where the ghost at Calathil Manor had touched him, still feeling that aching chill a bit. He wasn’t sure he would ever forget that.

Theia Merryweather, Black Mage

A woman slowly enters the Pearl, robed in a jet black robe. The hooded is draped far over her face, only leaving a hint of her platinum white locks drizzling out the front. In her hand she holds a a neatly folded cloak, adorned with flecks of silver woven throughout. Peacefully sitting atop the robe is a thin golden headband, intricately decorated with several small blue and deep purple gemstones. She places these two items on the counter, followed by a quite heavy sack of gold.

"I need the same headband... but with more power."

Theia impatiently taps her slender pale finger on the counter, keeping perfect rhythm, for what seems like an eternity while the attendant goes to fetch the requested item from the back room. When he returns, the mage gives it one glance a small grin escapes her lips. He looks at her nervously while he completes the necessary maths of the impending transaction.

She offers her hand in thanks, and softly adds, "This will do, my gratitudes. Oh, and throw in some Oldlaw too," as she throws a few more gold on the counter.

Knowledge is power.

Melisande entered the shops and gestured for the head wizard in charge of crafting. “My good sir, we have a lot of work to do. I have too much gold and need some items worthy of a champion.”

“Let me show you…”

Theia Merryweather, Black Mage

Theia walks back into the shop. "There is something else I was hoping you might have. Mind if I take a look around?" She heads off into the general merchandise area, focused on finding something quite particular. Off a dusty shelf in the back of the room, where it is rightly quite dimly lit, she picks up plain-old backpack. "This is it."

She takes it back to the counter, trades in some extra gear, and is off again on her merry way back to the Dunn Wright.

Arradon Delgaran

Arradon wandered the streets aimlessly for a time before entering the Mystic Pearl. Still tipsy from the wine, he nevertheless finds himself drawn towards a rack of fine belts. One belt in particular, jet black with an engraved silver buckle, catches his eye. Taking it towards the front, he notices another rack of chain shirts. Many are not unlike the one he currently wears; however, one is of noticeably finer make than the rest. I could use an upgrade... He takes his purchases to the counter, and removes his chain shirt. Arradon places a moderate sized pouch of platinum on the counter, and Almar Ben Shawari nods approvingly. Satisfied with his purchases, Arradon puts on his new belt and mail and heads back into the street.

His pack heavy with platinum, Menik looks around warily as he heads to the Mystic Pearl.

Inside, the elf wizard is recognized right away by Almar Ben Shawari. "Good morning my friend!"

After exchanging the usual pleasantries, Menik presents him with a shopping list.

Almar begins muttering excitedly as he goes into the back to check on his inventory.

first up
+5 cloak of resistance
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 5
= 5 which makes the 30% chance
trade in for +3 cloak; net cost to Menik 16k

more upgrades
headband of intelligence +4
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 25
success; trade in +2 headband, net cost 12k
belt of constitution +4
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 84
failure; trade in +2 belt, net cost 12k; 48 days ==> 4/10/17

Almar explains "I have the headband in stock but not the belt. But do not worry! I can get it by special order. It will just take a while to get it."


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