Custom System

Hi Guys

So I've started a thread where I'm puttering around with ideas for a rpg system, that will basically be a PBP MW Exclusive, simply due to one of my design choices.

The primary design choice is to use Image Dice, specifically the Descent: Journey into the Dark dice, and outside of paying for physically copies of the dice themselves, it's more efficient to use dice roll code on here.

The main reason I've decided to use these dice is that you can get several pieces of core information from a single roll without looking at charts.

Right now I'm tinkering with an alternate version of the core mechanics of the JAGS system, very different when using these dice, but this is after trialing and looking at results with other systems one normally sees in RPG's.

If anybody would be interested in getting in on this project, I'd love to have some people around to brain storm with!

This isn't the area to discuss ideas, it's mainly to gather interest and then I'll send you an invite into the private work space created for it.