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Character creation and house rules

Character creation and house rules

Year 990, March 2

Beginning of spring, it's been two years since the reign of Elisabeth Barbados began, the daughter of the former Emperor of the Sacred Holy Empire of Abel after his unfortunate death by an unknown assassin. The Azur Alliance and the Sacred Empire of Abel are on the edge of war.

Meanwhile in the shadows, Supernatural creatures and secret organizations are preparing themselves for War and some even are about to reveal themselves to the world.

Lucrecio meanwhile in the last decade has become one of the most advanced and prosperous nation due to one man, Prince Lucanor Giovanni. The country had a great turnaround and enjoy an improved infrastructure, Zeppelins etc... Lucrecio is neutral in the recent development of the Empire.

The Great University is famous for being the most important research center in all of Gaia and welcomes two kind of students, children of wealthy nobles or those receiving an official scholarship who enjoys the best teachers as well. The Great University is a six stories mansion with wings for classrooms, dormitories, a recreation room and experiments.

The Great University is a couple of miles away West from the Capital of Du'Lucart.

As a celebration of the recent exams, your group of students is headed to Du'Lucart, your group had no idea that this night was going to change everything...

Year 991, March 15

One year has passed since then and war seems all but inevitable yet within the safety of the University business carries on as usual. A long planned expedition is about to set out in search of an ancient ruin.

-Make a new thread for your character here.
-Questions and the likes here.

[SPOILER="Character Sheet"][U][B]Character sheet[/B][/U]

[B]Category:[/B]  [B]Level:[/B] 1 [B]Gnosis:[/B] 10 [B]Race:[/B] 
[B]Advantages and Disadvantages:[/B] 
[B]Size:[/B]  [B]Regeneration:[/B]  [B]Fatigue:[/B]  [B]Movement Value:[/B] 
[B]PhR:[/B] [B]DR:[/B]  [B]VR:[/B]  [B]MR:[/B]  [B]PsR:[/B]  [B]Presence:[/B] 30
[B]AGI[/B] - [B]CON[/B] - [B]DEX[/B] - [B]INT[/B] - [B]PER[/B] -[B] POW[/B] - [B]STR[/B] - [B]WIL[/B] -
[B]LP:[/B]  [B]Initiative:[/B] XX natural
[B]Languages:[/B] Latin

[B]Combat Skills:[/B]
[B]DS:[/B] (change to BS if you are Blocking instead of dodging)
[B]Natural Abilities:[/B] ? (Initial Weapon)
[B]Wear Armor:[/B] 
[B]AT:[/B] CUT 0 IMP 0 THR 0 HEA 0 ELE 0 COL 0 ENE 0

[B]Ki Points:[/B]
[B]Ki Accumulations:[/B] Agi -, Con -, Dex -, Pow -, Str -, Wil -
[B]Ki Abilities:[/B] 

[B]MA:[/B]    [B]Daily Zeon recovery:[/B]
[B]Magic levels:[/B]

[B]Psychic Potential:[/B]
[B]Psychic Projection:[/B]
[B]Free PP:[/B]

[B]Secondary Abilities:[/B] 

[B]Place of Birth:[/B] [B] Age:[/B] -
[B]Combat Style:[/B] 
[B]Ethnicity:[/B]  [B]Hair:[/B]  [B]Eyes:[/B] 
[B]Height:[/B]  [B]Weight:[/B] 
[B]What he/she likes the most:[/B] 
[B]What he/she despises the most:[/B] 




Combat Primaries:

Total: DPS


Total:  DPs


Total:  MK

Natural Bonuses:
+10 Bonuses:

Physical Bonuses:

Mental Bonuses:[/SPOILER][/SPOILER]


Capital: Du'Lucart
Ethnicity: Aion, Asher, Vildianos, Tayahar
Government: Monarchy
Technology level: Higher than Renaissance, irrigation systems, paved roads/streets, zeppelins, medical infrastructure etc...
Language: Latin
Denomym: Lucrense

Social classes available: Low-class, Middle-class, High-class and privileged (requires 1 CP for this advantage)

Cultural roots:
Middle-Class/Low Class: Athleticism +20, Ride +20, Notice +20, Science +20, History +20, Memorize +20. Herbal Lore +20, Animals +20.
High Class/High Bourgeoisie: Athleticism +20, Ride +20,Persuasion +20, Notice +20, Science +20, History +20,Memorize +20, Art or Music +20.

Lucrecio daily life cost: 6 SC

Lucrecio market prices: Base Products -10%, +20% for weapons, Lodging +10%, Art +10%, Services and contracts -30%, Technology -20%, exotic products 0%. (this will only affect you in game by default for character creation you use the regular prices.)

New secondaries:

Since I realize some people don't have all the books rather list all the secondaries that you might have missed:

Law (Intellectual, Intelligence)
Knowledge of the Law and legal process.

Trading (Social, Intelligence)
Your Business skills basically and understand markets fluctuations.

Streetwise (Social, Intelligence)
Gather information on the streets/underworld. +40 bonus in your hometown, -10 to -40 in foreign cities.

Etiquette (Social, Intelligence)
Knowledge of social etiquette.

Tactics (Intellectual, Intelligence)
Tactics and Military protocols for strategy.

Now the next few secondaries are mostly only focused on crafting: (note Occult works fine for crafting those are just other methods, mostly for people with the gift or the incomplete gift.)

Runes (Creative , Dexterity)
Recognize, Read and inscribe runes of quasi-divine powers in physical objects. Usually if you use it to craft artifacts, runes are very identifiable as they glow and the likes.

Alchemy (Creative, Intelligence)

Creation and combination of elements through tree stages Nigredo (creation), Albedo (Undoing) and Ruberdo (Reforming). The most scientific method. It requires many components and resources.

Animism (Creative, Power)
Most spiritual one, involves animist rituals, songs and gestures with great concentration to create artifacts. Limited in power as well (no level 5, and double cost on level 4).

Jewelry(Creative, Dexterity)
Work metal, glass and woods. Can specialize in carving wood or shaping glass for +40 bonus but -80 to everything else.

Tailoring (Creative, Dexterity)
Design and create different costumes and clothes.

Art (Tattoo)
Yeah Tattoos can give powers. Usually more expensive , limited to never go above power level 3 and power points cost are doubled.

I guess something worth mentioning about the post creation advantage so you can plan accordingly, some advantages and disadvantages, won't be possible to buy with this method. As some abilities are actually innate compared to some that you can acquire post character creation. Some events in game might be required to justify some advantages, like for examples:

Martial Mastery: Maybe you find a master with abilities vastly superior to your own, like a master of Maisen for example or you unlock secrets of ki and the likes from a forbidden scroll. [note: Only if you didn't have already advantage maxed out]

Superior Magical Recovery: No special justification just become better at magic.

Susceptible to Poison: After ingesting a lot of poisons or through supernatural means, you could eventually find a way to overcome this disadvantage.

In House Errata/new stuffs:

10 shots for gunpowder cost 50 GC.

Samurai Module
Katana, Wakizashi, No-dachi, Daikyu and Naginata.
50 DP

Quick cheat sheet for combat
You have to declare that you stop using these modes, if not by default maintained in next turn.

You should consider directed attacks at specific body parts, particularly useful if you know the weakness of somebody or a creature. Humans by default have vulnerable points for their head (-60 to attack) and heart (-60 to attack) (everybody knows that), penalties for directed attacks change depending on the type of creatures.

No changes.

On the Offensive:

+10 to attack, -30 to defense.

On the Defensive:
+10 to defense, -30 to attack

Total Attack:
+30 to attack, defense 0. You are considered to be using the Absorb Hit maneuver aka even if you get hit before your turn come up, you can still attack.

Total Defense:
+30 to defense, can't use active action for anything else.

You can consult the combat maneuvers in the core book and dominus exxet, also some in gm's toolkit. (not listed here but there are plenty of combat maneuvers).

Noteworthy combat maneuver useful for everybody:
Anticipate Surprise
You won't apply the surprised penalty in the turn declaring which enemy or enemies you are using the maneuver against. You take -40 penalty on your first opposed action against said opponent(opponents), even if you don't end up being surprised that turn. This maneuver is useful when facing an opponent who is faster than you and not suffer the usual -90 penalty for being surprised. Must be declared before initiative is rolled.

Secondary abilities in combat (not exhaustive):

Sleight of hand can be used to catch projectiles: Absurd for thrown manually, Arrows and Bolts almost impossible,
Mastery is necessary to catch bullets and also able to make inhuman checks. For supernatural projectiles, need to be able to catch energy of course and have to beat the opponent with your sleight of hand checks against whatever they use. Sleight of hand is used instead of your normal defense roll and suffers -25 for each additional sleight of hand checks. Some higher strength might be required for big calibers weapons, you can still attempt to dodge at a -50 penalty if you fail to catch it.

Acrobatics : Withdraw from hand to hand combat/melee range opponent You must be able to act or able to counterattack, Acrobatics vs attack ability, must beat by 40 or you suffer attacks normally as if intercepted. You can try to flank an opponent as well, need counterattack or your turn in initiative, Acrobatics vs attack or acrobatics of your opponent. If you succeed by 100, you flank the opponent on the side, if you succeed by 150 more, you are behind your opponent. It can be done at the same time as an attack (not suffering the usual penalty multi action penalty of -25). If it fails, opponent has canceled the attempt and can counterattack.

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